Bite the bullet with FEREMO

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My sad collaboration experience with the online platform

Hi, my beauties! For sure, you know that bloggers receive so much stuff in the category they blog in. I’m not an exception. My whole apartment is filled with beauty products and fashion pieces. As I try to be more sustainable regarding fashion and consumption in general, I never throw away any pieces I don´t wear or need. I always present them, donate them or just sell them online.

Some time ago I had so much clothes to get rid of, but I had so much to do that I didn´t succeed selling them. That were all the pieces which had been completely new or had been worn once or twice for a shoot. This is how my sad story begins. In this post I want to share it with you so that you are aware of this deceitful concept of the company Feremo (Bloggermarkt) and for sure, many other companies doing the same or similar thing.

A blogger second-hand online platform: too good to be true

In February, I got an email from the company called Feremo. They told me about their work concept and how easily I can sell my fashion stuff using their platform. The company is supposed to be an agent between the blogger and the customer. Every blogger is supposed to get the whole money from the sale. The company get its money from using the affiliate links to the same or similar pieces a customer can be interested in (in case, the size of the piece the customer wants to buy is too big or too small). Actually, even this sound too good to be true but they tried really hard to make me believe it.

Frankly, I was very skeptical at first, but I got regular emails from a Feremo employee where she answered all my questions and made everything to get my attention and trust. Still, I wasn´t sure, whether I wanted it or not.

This is why she gave me a call two or three days later. I was very surprised because the number of the caller was blocked and I didn´t even know who it was first. The gal gave it all to receive my trust. She talked to me about 40 minutes and was super sweet and even friendly. This was the moment when I decided to give it a shot.

Send us your clothes and we´ll forget about your existence

The second thing which made me suspicious was the fact that the company placed a pic of mine on their website as if we had already collaborated with each other. They did it without even asking me, whether I want to be on their homepage, or I allow it. Still, I again tried to make myself believe that I just exaggerated a little bit. Now I know that this mistrust was so appropriate.

At first, I wanted to try it by sending just two or three pieces to have a lookout at the whole selling situation. But after having spoken with that Feremo gal over the phone, I packed 12 pieces (sweater, dresses, coats, and bags) and sent them to Feremo.

Since then, the company seemed to have lost any interest in me. At first, I waited patiently because I knew it would take a while to take pictures and to place all the pieces online. Still, I think that any serious company should give a regular update about how the things are going. It didn´t happen.

Months pass by but nothing happens

I visited the website of Feremo numerous times within these months, but nothing changed at all. My pictures were still mentioned with “coming soon” but I couldn´t see any of my clothes to be online. At the end of May, I wrote an email and asked them to give me the details of the collaboration and why it took so long. But I didn´t get a reply. Some days later I wrote another email where I described my insecurities concerning our collaboration. This time, I got a reply but still, no intention to give me any worthy details or at least answers to my questions.

In the middle of July, I still didn´t know what was going on and my clothes were nowhere to be seen. I wrote another email I asked them to send all the pieces back because it all felt like a bad joke. I think that waiting almost five months for something to happen is more than enough. What do you think? Of course, I again didn´t get any reply.

Some days later I almost lost my temper and decided to reach them via phone. I tried to reach them numerous times on Monday and all I got was the direct message that nobody was reachable at the moment. I simply couldn´t get through. The least I could do was writing another email.

In that email I made the record straight I asked them to send my clothes back to m by the end of July otherwise I would take legal action. Additionally, I wanted them to put my picture down from their website.

The email had a major impact and I received a reply the same day. Still, they didn´t even try to answer my questions or to make any reasonable explanations. I think, they just got cold feet on the possible complaint from my side.

 Does this really have to go this way?

Last week I got my clothes back. I also received a confirmation that my picture had been deleted from the website. Interestingly, all the time there were two other pictures of other bloggers. They were also gone. I ask myself, whether these girls even knew their pictures had been placed there? Why were they deleted together with mine?

I´m wearing: blazer by Stradivarius / t-shirt by  / pantd by Stradivarius / sneakers by Fila / bag by Furla / sunnies by Stradivarius /

The collaboration which costs a bunch of nerves and time

I purposely don´t call this whole thing a scam. Still, it cost me so much nerves and time. I could have sold it all myself long ago without any problems and troubles. Instead, I lost almost five months waiting and trying to get any information.

The company seems to me very dubious and untrustworthy. An active contact at the beginning, but than blocked phone number calls, no email reply, no chance to reach them via phone on a normal business day. All this makes it critical in my eyes. If you want to sell all clothes or whatever, stay away from such companies and do it all by yourself to be sure.



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