Blazer: a staple for every wardrobe – significant things for a trendy outfit with a blazer

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Hi, beauties! If I could choose just one piece of clothes it most likely would be a blazer. You can make absolutely different styles with it and they always will look different and stylish. That´s why every spring some new blazers move into my closet. Maybe this is the main reason why I love spring. It´s the perfect time to wear blazers which should not be missed out on. Though I already purchased a new one, I decided to make my today´s outfit based on a more classic black version which has been one of my favorites for two years. This combination suits spring just perfectly because it won´t let you freeze when it´s cool and windy and still, it´s quite thin and comfortable to wear.

How does a trendy blazer look like?

Though you can find a classical blazer in the staple list of every stylist or fashion blogger, the understanding of “classic” in the sense of fashion differs quite often. Even fashion minimalists love blazers for their versatility. Still, if you think that you can find a classic blazer which will be your true friend for years, I have to disappoint you. You won´t find any. Trends change and so does a classical blazer. Do you remember how classic blazers looked like 7-10 years ago? There were slim, flattering cuts with a short length. I still have some of those in my closet. They used to be “classic” and they used to be on the staple lists you definitely needed in your wardrobe. If you put on such a blazer now, you will look sooo retro-like and by saying that I don´t mean it like a compliment. Yes, a blazer belongs into the wardrobe of every girl and woman, but it has to be a blazer which corresponds with the current time and current trends.

At the moment, if you want to be “on point” with your Blazer-based outfits, you should stick to straight or oversized cuts with a long length which hides your but. Such blazers look stylish and are very comfortable to wear. Even a suit with such a cool blazer creates casual and still, very sophisticated vibes. All that the classical version of a blazer 10 years ago could give us was a business touch peppered with a bit of harshness.


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70s vibes: some details which make your outfit special

Today´s outfit combines numerous tricks which make it so interesting and still, wearable. First of all, I decided for a practical layering. A grey turtleneck paired with a black blazer created a great combo. What is much more interesting is the adding of some 70s inspired details to the outfit. I bound a silk scarf around my ponytail and a brown leather belt around my cropped mom-fit jeans. To expand the retro vibes, you can add exaggerated cat-eye sunglasses. I decided to pep my outfit with holographic pumps and a cool bag with a wood ring and numerous pearls. I love how elegant, comfortable, and stylish this look turned out to be. What do you say, sweethearts?

I´m wearing: turtleneck by Massimo Dutti / Blazer von Zara / Jeans by Bershka / belt by Ralph Lauren / Pumps by Högl / bag by Zara / silk scarf by H&M /


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