Blogger events: thowback to last week

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Last week was very busy and full of events and tidings. It caused some chaos in my luggage packing routine. The day you will be reading this post I will probably be somewhere between Germany and Russia (where I´m going to). Actually, I don´t have a temporary category for blog posts depicting my happenings, events, and throwbacks. Still, there are some events that need to be spoken about. That is why I decided to share with you two blogger events from last week I enjoyed being a part of the most.

The opening of the biggest Calvin Klein store in Europe in Düsseldorf

The brand Calvin Klein is one of my favorite brands ever. Especially, I´m fond of jeans by the brand. All jeans I purchased there have a nice fit and I can wear them for a very long time. Even now, when I need something traditional, neutral, without any rips, holes, or washouts, I go to Calvin Klein. When I got an invitation, I was happy to be able to come to the opening party. Only two days later I would go to Russia. Luckily, instead of packing my luggage, I went to the party.

On 12th of October, we went to the store where only 300 influencers, bloggers, stars and other people in the scene had been invited to. The music, the drinks and the atmosphere were great. Though the store is quite big and has three floors, all items can be found without any problems. In the store, you can find everything from women and men clothing to accessories and underwear. Big digital screens will help you to find everything you need. All you need to do is choose the item, e.g. jeans, the fit you prefer, the color and so on. All results will be automatically shown to you so that you can see how they look like. To me, it´s a very practical and useful feature.

The evening was great and we enjoyed it. It´s always nice to be invited by the brands you like so much. I´m looking forward to shopping at Calvin Klein Düsseldorf soon.

Beautypress in Cologne

One day later, another blogger event was on my program. That time, I went to Cologne for the Beautypress, an event for beauty bloggers from Germany. Though the weather on that day was so sunny and warm and everybody enjoyed it outside, I didn´t have a chance to do the same. Still, I don´t regret it because I spent the day doing the things I love. The day had been very productive, full of useful information and numerous presentations of new skin care products, and nice chats with other beauty bloggers. Additionally, the event took place in one of the coolest places in the whole city Cologne Sky.

We got a chance to learn about new skin care products, new brands and were provided with qualitative and useful press materials. It was a comfortable atmosphere with no haste at all and everyone could put questions to the products and get detailed answers to them. So, on that day I got to know such brands as Tautropfen, Tanamera, Saint Clouds, The Scentist, Physiogel, and other. Additionally, we were presented the makeup brand Kiss New York which will be available in Germany in the middle of October.

We could not only try the whole branch of products by the brand ourselves but also got a professional makeup by invited makeup artists from Bremen. I loved the colors, textures, and the huge variety of makeup products we had been presented. I´m also excited to try more of them.






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How important are natural ingredients in your skin care products for you? 

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