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Though many of us want to learn about our future, our inner world, or strong and weak features much more or even know who would be our best partner for the whole life. Nonetheless, such things like astrology became very trendy nowadays, even if many people don´t believe in it. There are many spiritual specialists, astrologists, who promise to give you a deeper understanding of your nature, your character and give you a chance for a better life with the perfect life partner. Some people believe in such things, some don´t. Still, even those, who don´t believe in astrology know what their zodiac signs are.




I was always interested in astrology and other sciences which try to give a better understanding of a human nature, our character, and specific features. Of course, I don´t believe in astrology to 100%. Still, a personal horoscope, made regarding such important pieces of information as the exact date and the place of birth can provide an interesting overview of our life, character, interests, possible illnesses and much more. As for me, it really works. Tough I cannot say that all information I got is true to 100 %, still, there are many facts that are quite interesting. Though you should distinguish between personal horoscopes made by astrologists and some entertainment stuff in numerous magazines.



I´m wearing: blouse by New Look / jeans by H&M / pumps by Högl / Necklace by Swarovski / bag by Patrizia Pepe / bracelet by Patrizia Pepe /   


Human Design

Recently I discovered another interesting science, if I can call it that way, it´s human design. Using exact information of a person like a personal horoscope, you can learn many new things about yourself and your nature. Of course, we can dispute, whether one should believe such theories or not. In fact, everyone can decide or for him or herself. To me, it´s another way to go deeper in my inner world and try to understand myself better even if some things have nothing to do with my character. It´s a kind of a possibility to look at yourself. Though I really liked the concept of the human design, I still think that such things shouldn´t be completely relied on. What they can do is to see yourself better, to understand your character better and maybe make you try to change yourself for better.



As for my today´s outfit, I decided for a trendy asymmetric blouse with puff sleeves. Such unusual blouses became very popular this spring and can be used a great base for a special casual look. Of course, I couldn’t say no to this trend. I decided for a nice blouse in the baby blue color. I styled it with high waist skinny jeans and feminine pumps by Högl. As the look is very feminine and light, I chose a small shoulder bag. Though my statement leather bracelet is quite massive, it´s neutral color makes it look not that hard. Additionally, it matches the bag perfectly.


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Did you already hear about human design? What do you think about astrology?

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