Body care products by Apple & Bears – review

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The day before yesterday I came home from Russia where I had been staying three weeks long. Three weeks of joy, nice time with family and friends which passed way too fast. Nonetheless, every trip or a short stay somewhere is a little bit stressful for me as I need to decide what skin care products I want to take with me. The problem is that I hate taking all the bottles and heavy packages with me. It takes too much space in my luggage and weighs too much. As I have dry skin, I also cannot take just one hydrating face cream with me. I need a bunch of skin care products in order to have a nice and smooth skin. As for face and eye area skin products, I usually take one full-size product and many samples. This is a great possibility to try new interesting skin care products and take care of your skin.

Though I also need a good skin care product for my body, I don´t take a huge bottle I usually use at home. For travels and short trips, I prefer travel size products which I can take in my hand luggage. Apple & Bears have four different skin care lines which are 100% natural and work effectively. Even my dry skin feels smooth and comfortable after applying its body silks. I received both shower gels and body silks from these four versions in a practical 50 ml travel size packaging. It´s the perfect size to travel with or just to get a product to test. On the website of Apple & Bears, there are different packagings from 50 to 500 ml. Recently, when I received a spring InStyle Box (German version), I discovered such a body silk for the first time. I fell in love with this product at once. As I got four different of them, I knew that I would take them with me to Russia. In today´s post, I want to give you a short review about my experience with these products during my trip.



I personally like simple packagings. Especially skin care products should be elegant and minimalistic. English skincare labels often have this almost iconic, recognizable, and minimalistic style of packaging. Products by Apple & Bears have everything I really like. They make a great decoration in my bathroom. Additionally, all body silks have a practical pump which makes application of the product much easier and more comfortable.

Four skin care lines – four great fragrances

As I already mentioned, the products I tested are perfect for traveling with as the bottles are at a size of 50 ml each. There are four versions with different ingredients and different smells. Though I liked all of them, still my favorite ones are “Pomegranate & Aloe Vera” and “Honey & Hemp” just because of their smell. Though if you like deeper fragrances, you will definitely like the lines “Grapefruit & Seaweed“ and „ Bergamot & Green Tea“. Every line has a shower wash and a body silk from 50 to 500 ml each. The body silks do a great job as they hydrate and smooth even dry skin great. I also appreciate that the products are 100% natural, don´t contain parabens and are free from animal testing. The practical packaging with a pump makes the application easy even on the way.



I am so glad to have discovered skin care products by Apple & Bears. First of all, the body silks suit my dry skin perfectly. Secondly, it makes me happy to learn new labels who make nice products with natural ingredients and don´t harm animals. The design of the products is also pretty and elegant.




In friendly cooperation with Apple & Bears

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Did you try the products by Apple & Bears? How important is the “naturality” of skin care products for you?

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    • Daria
      19. May 2017 / 21:17

      I also like the design of the products! The products are great!)

    • Daria
      21. May 2017 / 18:22

      Thank you for stopping by!)

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