Bomber jackets: what it´s all about

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Hi, beauties! If I could choose only one fashion revelation of 2019, I would definitely pick bomber jackets. Well, I always loved them but I kinda admired them on other people and didn´t even try any on. I don´t know, maybe I just thought that this kind of jackets wouldn´t look good on me. Still, in the spring of 2019 I decided to give it a shot and ordered my first bomber jacket ever. Little did I know that I would get such a severe crush on them. The only question I have is “why have I waited for so long?”. Did you have any fashion revelations this year? Did you try anything completely new?

A bomber jacket in the “she´s the boss” vibes´ outfit

Normally, there are very sports-driven style combinations based on bomber jackets out there. Well, casual outfits with t-shirts and jeans are also to find every now and then. Still, a bomber jacket can be so much more than that. This spring, I loved wearing my olive-green bomber jacket with cargo pants and solid Dr. Martens boots (here). That outfit has been one of the most clicked and pinned outfits on my Pinterest ever since.

Now, I feel much more like wearing it in an elegant, still as confident of a character as I used to. For doing so, I chose my favorite faux-leather tracker´ pants. Black sock-boots are made to optically prolong my legs because of the color which goes straight to toes. Additionally, high heels soften sports vibes of the pants and the jacket. To add more contrast to the outfit, I put on a gray turtleneck sweater. Though the whole ensemble is based on quite neutral and basic colors, it looks exciting because of different textures. There are leather, knit, satin, and snakeskin prints put together in just one outfit.

Shop the look:

I´m wearing: bomber by Missguided / turtleneck by Massimo Dutti / pants by Na-Kd / sock-boots by EGO / bag by Gucci

Before you purchase a bomber jacket

Though bomber jackets look great on almost everybody, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • They look best on smaller shoulders because of the padded shoulder line of the classic bomber jacket.
  • A bomber jacket should be quite short, which will make your legs look much longer.
  • It´s more practical to choose the jacket in a neutral color without any prints or embroidery. It will make it easier for you to style it with the pieces in your wardrobe.
  • Straight-legged pants or mom-cut jeans look better with bomber jackets than skinnies. They just balance out the proportions of the body much better.
  • If you have broad shoulders or big breasts, a bomber jacket may not be your best choice. The thing is that the shoulder line of a bomber jacket is padded and optically creates more volume. Having bigger breasts won´t be a problem if you´ll wear such a jacket open. Don´t zip it up because this won´t make you any favor in your upper body.


Otherwise, there are no restrictions in styling and wearing bomber jackets. Actually, it´s always up to you, never mind anything. If you like something, go for it 😊. A bomber jacket will always add some extra coolness and attitude to your outfit.

How do you like my today´s outfit? Would it be a YAY or a NAY?



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