Brussels – impressions / jumpsuit / the power of the nude

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As a fashion blogger, I practically have no vacation at all. Even while traveling, I cannot avoid taking pictures and writing new content for my blog. So, if I see a beautiful location, I automatically think about the possibility to use it as a background for one of my future outfits. Being a blogger means working and creating 24/7. Sometimes fashion bloggers make short trips just for a photo shooting. Recently, I decided to do the same and go to Brussels for a day. I wanted to kill two birds with one stone by doing something for my blog and visiting the capital of Belgium.

Brussels – first impressions

Brussel welcomed me with a shower and a huge traffic jam. Spending 1.5 hours in a traffic jam made me want to turn back home. When we finally arrived at the center of the city, I was quite exhausted and very hungry. Actually, I try to avoid cafés and restaurants in such overcrowded touristic centers because everything you get is overpriced and mostly inedible stuff. This time I didn´t have time to look for a better opportunity to eat and went to the first restaurant on my way which looked nice. Well, maybe I´m not looking like somebody who eats a lot, still, I love eating well. That is why I know how the good Italian, Spanish, and other kitchens taste like. The thing I got at the restaurant didn´t taste like a good pasta and was very fatty. By the way, afterward, I had a stomach ache the whole evening long.

My enthusiasm about Brussels remained very limited. Of course, there are plenty of beautiful places, nice parks and historical quarters. Still, the city is rather chaotic and unorganized. Before I visited Brussels, I thought Berlin had been the city under construction. I remember my stay in the capital of Germany and about my bad luck with trying to take at least some pictures where I couldn’t see a construction site or big machine. That is why I decided not to make a travel post about Brussels. To be honest, I suggest visiting smaller cities like Brugge or Antwerp, where you will find more emotions and great things to see.

A pastel mint colored jumpsuit styled with the all-time must-have

Though some things didn´t go smooth, we managed to take nice pictures in a lovely place. The rain stopped and I could wear my nude suede heels without having ruined them. For my outfit, I chose a practical jumpsuit in a nice pastel color. I rounded up with a must-have for every wardrobe, a classic black blazer. I´m sure that every girl or woman should have such a basic piece as it can be styled with practically every look. I also wore this blazer in two outfits published on my blog earlier (here and here). Both times I got different and interesting styles. One couldn´t even say that the blazer in both cases was the same. The only thing which I personally pay attention to is the integration of dark colors in the outfit so that such a blazer doesn´t look like a dark spot on a light and fluttering outfit. In order to integrate the black, I chose a statement watch with a broad leather bracelet and hundreds of black crystals by Swarovski.

Another practical piece of fashion advice I can share with you is how to make your legs look longer visually. Of course, every girl knows that the best way to make your legs look longer is wearing high-heels. Wearing black, white, and other colors will help for sure, but it also will create a color contrast with your skin. To avoid it, choose nude high-heels. The nude creates an optical illusion your legs are longer and slimmer. For even better results, you can wear nude colored sandals. Such shoes will give you model-like legs. So, why not use the trick?

I´m wearing jumpsuit by New Look / blazer by Zara / sandals by Office / bag by Marina Pelle / sunglasses by Miu Miu / watch by Swarovski / earrings by Sieraden /



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Have you even been o Brussels? How did you like the city?

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    • Daria
      1. September 2017 / 21:14

      Vielen, lieben Dank für deine netten Worte, liebe Denise! Es freut mich sehr, dass meine Tasche dir so gut gefallen hat ).

    • Daria
      2. September 2017 / 20:45

      Thank you so much!

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