Business look

I love business style! Especially, I like adding some interesting, extraordinary accessories to the monotone dress code. With “extraordinary” I don’t mean red lacquer leather pumps but all the pretty pieces like bracelets, watches, earring and necklaces which can pimp up every outfit. I am a lucky person because I always had the possibility to wear everything I wanted and could feel the borderline of “it would match” and “it´s too much”. I also have to admit that sometimes I miss the time when I wore office style every day. Maybe that is why I decided for today´s business look. I chose my favorite pants with a classical straight cut but an unusual detail for a business piece, high raise. Every shirt suits perfectly to these pants. In my case there is a classical white shirt. In the rest I remained in the business dress code but pimped my outfit with some accessories, such as a watch with crystals. It feels so nice to dress in business style but to be a little bit beyond it.

 Business 1
Business 2
Business 3
Business 4

I´m wearing:

Shirt by Camaieu

Pants by Elis

Coat by Zara

Shoes by Elvinalli

Watch by Swarovski

Necklace by Swarovski

Bracelet by Parfois

 Business Details 1

Business Details 2 Business Details
Business full

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