“Butter gloss”, “soft matte lip cream” and “liquid illuminator” by NYX – review

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Nyx Illuminator matte lip cream butter lip cream

In today´s review I wanna talk about three products by NYX which conquered by heart. Though is the collection “butter gloss” not quite new but still very popular. There are so many beautiful and different colors in there that one will definitely find something interesting. The second product I wanna talk about is NYX´ “soft matte lip cream” which is quite new in Germany. I had been watching American youtube for months and waited till this product would come to Europe. The last one is a liquid illuminator “born to glow” which can be used as a highlighter and as a foundation base.

I have several “butter” glosses by #NYX in my collection. But one of my personal must-haves is the shade “Créme Brulé“. The fact is that this shade is just perfect for the smokey eyes make-up because it creates the most beautiful lips ever. In combination with a sheer lip stick this shade will give you a nice finish and won´t change the actual color of your lip stick. The texture of the product Is very smooth and it makes this lip gloss comfortable to wear. These lip glosses are a “magic ward” for the summer.

The “soft matte lip cream” lip sticks are really gorgeous. Additionally, every shade in this collection has a name of one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in the world. I love this idea. Nonetheless, there is a big problem, at least in Germany, too many shades from this collection are constantly out of stock. That is why I had to purchase the shade which I liked among those which remained on the NYX stand. I decided for the shade “Antwerp” which looked like a kind of salmon color. This is not a long-lasting lip stick but it lasts really long even after several cups of coffee and a snack. The texture of the lip stick is very nice; it doesn’t dry out lips. But there is just one point that I´d like to mention. The shade I purchased turned out to be quite different on the lips. Instead of the “salmon” shade I got a kind of “raspberry” lips. The shade is still beautiful but I was really surprised. That is why I recommend you to test the needed color first.

As to the liquid illuminator, this is a nice product. There are two ways to use it: you can apply it as a foundation base, which will create an inner glow of your skin or you can apply it on the cheekbones and highlight them. I tried out both ways and I personally prefer to use this product as a foundation base. Though, there are small glitter particles in this base, it looks pretty natural under a foundation. But I wouldn’t recommend you to use it every day as it contains silica or cleanse your face properly.

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I love lip products by NYX. Both „butter gloss“ and „soft matte lip cream“ collections are of really good quality and have many beautiful colors to choose from. The price for these products is inexpensive which makes it possible to purchase every color of your liking. As for liquid illuminator, this is a good product which creates a nice glow on your skin. It is also a kind of a budget “dupe” for the illuminating base by Guerlain. These products are perfect for hot summer days.

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(“soft matte lip cream” in the shade “Antwerp”)

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