Bye, cute summer pieces: it´s time for cozy and warm outfits


The coolest fall month has begun. I love October because trees reach the most beautiful colors like golden, red, orange, and so on. Additionally, it´s the Halloween time and there are pumpkins everywhere. Though we already had a couple of nasty and cold days in Germany, the weather is quite ok now and we expect a mild temperature for the next two weeks. Still, I don´t want to accept the fact that my favorite summer pieces have to be stored in the wardrobe until next year. In fact, it´s high time to make thoughts concerning cozy and warm outfits. So, my today´s outfit is one of the last this season where I can enjoy wearing a cute crop top.

Though mom-jeans and other straight-leg jeans won´t be missed during late fall and winter, I will definitely miss crop tops I rediscovered last summer. To make the pink crop top look more city-casual, I paired it with a classic black blazer and a pastel pink belt bag. I love colorful details and accessories, so I decided to add statement earrings. These ones were found in Spain and they cry out for summer and a great time. To me, a vacation mood is something I want to see all year round. Even if it´s cold and rainy outside, it´s such a nice feeling to go back to the amazing and sunny time, called a vacation.

I´m wearing: top by Missguided / blazer by Zara / jeans by Bershka / sandals by CCC /



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