Can the Pro-Fiber Rectify products by L´Oréal Professional improve your hair? – I tried them out

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Having made my biggest hair mistake a couple of years ago, I still have some issues with the quality of my hair. Trying to improve the hair quality and letting it grow healthy again, I´ve already tested numerous hair care products. What we apply on our hair and how we take care of it results in how it looks and feels. I know girls who purchase ordinary shampoos and conditioners at some drug-store and they work out for them. I´m really happy for you if can count yourself to such lucky persons. In my case, such products barely work, and I don´t see any results. That´s why I stick to expensive professional brands which mostly contain more nourishing ingredients and prolong the color of my hair (I love cool-toned blonde colors). I´ve always preferred such brands like Redken or MoroccanOil but since the moment my hair had been ruined through balayage, I looked for something reconstructing, something that would improve the quality of my hair not only optically. This is how I got recommended the professional line Pro-Fiber by L´ Oréal by my current hair designer some months ago. Of course, I bought two recommended products at once to see, whether they would work or not. I have been using them for almost two months already and have to admit that I really love the pro-fiber rectify shampoo and the pro-fiber rectify hair mask. What are they for and what type of hair will benefit from these products? Let´s discuss it down below.

Pro-Fiber by L´Oréal: what does the line do? Why and whether you need it?  

The professional hair care line pro-fiber is specially created for damaged hair and improves it not only optically but also deep in its structure. There are three different options to choose from depending on how damaged your hair is. Though I personally would have chosen the products for very damaged hair, my hair designer recommended starting with the line “rectify” for slightly damaged hair. The fact is that the professional products which contain a high percentage of active ingredients may cause more problems than expected. Too much hair care is as harmful as too little care. This is why some treatments can be made or applied only at the hairdressers´. L´Oréal recommends using the rectify shampoo and the rectify hair mask or the rectify conditioner together for better results. The active ingredients of the pro-fiber hair care line get deep into the hair fiber and repair it from within. Of course, it takes its time but the longer you use this combo, the stronger and healthier your hair gets.

My experience:

The current quality of my hair lets me notice every change which happens with my hair. So, I can say for sure, whether any product really works out or not. Good news after two months of using these products is that they work. They truly made my hair looks much better and shinier. It feels much stronger and smoother too. Still, you should keep in mind that you probably won´t see a great difference after just once using these products because they need some time to get into the hair fibers and nourish them from within. I like how my damaged hair looks like and it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all.

I know that many of you pay attention to the ingredient list of such care products. That´s why it´s important to know that this professional line is not an organic or natural one. There are sulfates in the shampoo, but I still love how gentle it is to my scalp and hair. You can also find dimethicone in the hair mask but despite numerous rumors concerning this ingredient, it makes hair smoother and thicker. The only negative aspect of dimethicone is the fact that it can´t be cleansed from the hair surface with water or natural shampoos. That´s why the pro-fiber shampoo contains such. Sulfates easily remove the rests of dimethicone and cleanse it completely. Even if you don´t like dimethicone and have damaged hair, I have to disappoint you. You need hair care products which contain dimethicone just because nothing will make it feel and look much better than it actually is. Otherwise, you need to have you complete damaged hair cut. I don´t belong to such persons and prefer to regularly have my bad ends cut and use such products which help me to keep the quality of my hair and let it grow healthy again. The combo of the pro-fiber shampoo and the hair mask is worth it when you want to repair your hair or prolong the beneficial effects of professional treatments. Once you are done with all the damages, you can change to any natural or organic product you like.

!!!Important to know: !!!

We all heard a million times that once your hair got damaged, the only thing that can truly help is cutting it off. That´s correct, but only almost correct. Of course, if your hair is completely damaged, you can barely change the situation. Still, if you like me, cannot imagine having cut the whole length, you need special products which are able to reconstruct the structure of your hair. Pro-fiber line will visibly improve its quality. You will see and touch it yourself. These products are perfect for damaged hair. Using them as L´Oréal recommends (the shampoo and the conditioner or the shampoo and the hair mask from the line) will provide you with the best possible results. Still, this needs to be said too because if your hair is in a very bad condition, it won´t be perfect as you hope. Such products are made to make all chemical or heat treatments´ victims have a much healthier and shinier-looking hair while letting it grow healthy again. Though the pro-fiber line is great, it´s not a magic wand and you still will need to have such things like “having bad ends cut” right on the top of your regular agenda.


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