Capsule wardrobe and fashion blogging – is it possible?

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Probably every fashion blogger constantly thinks about the styling of his / her future looks. As for me, I do it too. What should I wear? What style do I want to share on my blog, what are the trends and tendencies at the moment? For the last couple of months, the topic of minimalism has been very popular. There are numerous posts on fashion blogs and in magazines. The concept of the so-called „capsule wardrobe“ is described in details with all its advantages. Though I find this concept quite interesting, I´m confused about it as well. On the one hand, it could be nice and practical for all women out there who do some kind of office job, make a career in the banking sector or at sales. On the other hand, this concept is not so easily viable. The wardrobe full of matching basics in neutral colors is perfect but I don’t think that any of us will be happy with it for a long period of time. The fact is, that probably all of us want to wear something new and different, even if we have the whole wardrobe full of high quality and good-looking basics. I remember the statement one friend of mine made one day: “I am a woman and I want to have a new dress, I don´t care that I already have 20 dresses in my wardrobe”.

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What is about fashion bloggers who are quite different from other people? We need to face the truth – fashion blogging also is consumption. The more impact a fashion blogger has, the more he or she becomes a consumer and makes other people unconsciously want to buy the same things. The most popular fashion bloggers regularly receive the most trendy and newest pieces because this is the way how this business works. Of course, we can and should wear some pieces not because they are the part of the latest collection of a brand, but also because we like them, it doesn’t matter, whether they are new or had been purchased a year or two ago. A fashion blogger can style such “oldies” with some new ones and create a nice outfit. But the truth is, a nice coat or a dress which had been shared on the blog 20 times won´t interest readers anymore. No one wants to see the same things numerous times. Additionally, a fashion blogger should speak about the latest trends and show the way how one can style these pieces. All this leads every blogger to the shopping mall on a regular basis. Regarding myself, I can say that I possess numerous pairs of shoes which I wore only once or twice. For me, it´s a kind of dilemma. Though I love fashion and purchasing trendy pieces, I hate not having any space left in my wardrobe.

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I admit that since I have been blogging I shop more frequently than earlier. Though fashion blogging is all about consumption, I want to change the way how I purchase and what I purchase.

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I´m wearing:

Shirt by Hugo Boss, similar here

Skirt by Maje, similar in blue  here

Coat by Zara, similar here

Boots by S.Oliver, similar here

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Maje Skirt DBK Stylez 15

What do you think about fashion blogging and consumption? Did blogging change the frequency of your shopping (in case you are a blogger)? What do you think about capsule wardrobe?

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