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For sure you have already heard about the Swiss skincare brand La Prairie. This brand is famous for its luxurious skin care products with such exclusive ingredients as caviar and other expensive ones. Though, few people know that La Prairie also has a unique makeup line specializing in foundations, powders, and concealers. One of its bestsellers is the “cellular treatment loose powder” which receives many positive reviews because of its qualitative ingredients and exclusivity. Searching for a setting powder I decided to give this product a try and purchased the most expensive powder I´d tried so far. In today´s review, I want to share with you the reasons why I fell in love with it and what makes it so good. Let´s get it started.


Is paying much money for a product just a payment for a brand? – not in this case

The loose setting powder by La Prairie costs about 80 EUR which is quite a lot. Actually, it was the main point why I didn´t purchase it at once and needed some time to think about it. Though, compared with other luxury brands and their similar products, you´ll get much more than you expect. Normally, a loose setting powder of a luxury brand costs about 50 EUR and contains between 15 and 20 g. In this case, you get a big jar with 66 g of the product and one miniature powder which is perfect to have it on the go. As you can see, you get twice as much for this price which is great.


Soft loose powder doing a great job

This loose powder is so finely ground that it leaves an incredibly thin layer of the product on the skin which doesn´t look way too powdery and doesn’t emphasize fine lines (which many other products do). It also contains such ingredients as vitamins A and C, and antioxidants to nourish the skin so that it suits even a dry skin. Applying, it on the skin as a final step of the makeup will help to last it flawlessly for much longer. Setting a concealer under the eyes with this powder will create a great result without emphasizing your fine lines. To me, the powder does its job so well that it´s definitely worth the splurge. There are two colors to choose from, translucent 01 and translucent 02. Though I decided for the 01, I don´t see much difference in them and assume that both colors are almost transparent and suit almost every skin tone well.


The “cellular treatment loose powder” by La Prairie is a great product to set the face and the undereye area. The price is also ok for the size of the product and an additional miniature is included in the set. If you pay attention to what products you apply to your skin, this one is just great. I use it almost every day and love it.



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