“Chocolate bar” by Too Faced – review + Giveaway

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Today I want to share with you my experience with one of my favorite beauty products ever, eyeshadows. Finally, I received the palette “Chocolate Bar“ by Too Faced, one of the most hyped eyeshadow palettes on the web. Unfortunately, there are no Too Faced products here in Germany, so you can only order it from the US. I purchased mine at Sephora. But what makes this eyeshadow palette so famous? Is it so good? Is it worth the money spent?


Packaging and first impressions

The very first thing you can see while holding this eyeshadow palette in your hands is the absolutely great quality of the package. But to be honest, I would wonder if it wouldn´t be the case, as the palette isn´t a budget product. It costs 49$ (inclusive a Europe tax and shipment costs to Germany), which is not cheap. The steel eyeshadow case with a brown enamel imitates a chocolate bar, which looks very cute. A magnet lock saves the case from an unwilling opening somewhere in the bag and saves your manicure because it´s easy to open and close the case without any effort.

In the case, there are 17 beautiful eyeshadows with different finishes, from matte to metallic. There is also a mirror in the case, but for me personally, it´s not very practical. And of course, I want to give the eyeshadow palette an extra point for the sweet and irresistible chocolate smell. What other eyeshadows do smell like chocolate? Probably none.


The quality of the eyeshadows

Without saying too much, the palette is gorgeous. All eyeshadows in the palette are well pigmented and intensive. On the contrary to one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes, the one by Kat von D (here), which requires some blending skills, these eyeshadows blend easy and fast, even if you are not a pro. The metallics are my favorite in the palette. They all are so beautiful that it makes it hard for me to decide which one to take for a makeup. The colors in the palette were put together perfectly. You can do almost every kind of makeup without missing any shade.

The shade I am a little bit skeptic about is the pale matte rose shade “strawberry bon bon”. To me, it´s too pale and too intensive. I don´t know how I could use it, as it looks like chalk for me. This is the only thing I don´t like in the palette. Still, the product is almost perfect.





Answering to the question, whether the “semi-chocolate bar” eyeshadow palette by Too Faced is something special? I would definitely say, yes, it is. Of course, there are many great eyeshadow palettes, e.g. by Urban Decay, Kat von D, MAC and others. Still, this one is one of the best because of its quality, the combination of colors and design. Even after having paid for the palette more than it costs in the US, I don´t regret purchasing it. I would definitely recommend it to all makeup lovers, who still didn´t try it. This eyeshadow palette is to die for.

Last but not least! You can win this eyeshadow palette and two lipsticks by Catrice on my Instagram @Daria_dbk_stylez. All details to the giveaway are on my Instagram under today´s pic.



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