Christmas gift guide – find the best beauty gift

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Hi, beauties! The countdown has started, and Christmas gets closer. How can you make your beloved ones happy? Every year it´s one of the biggest problems which occurs over and over again. Today, I prepared some ideas for Christmas gifts which will make your mothers’, sisters’, and girls-friends’ eyes shine. Those suggestions will suit every girl and woman, provided they love the world of beauty and makeup.

Eyeshadow palettes – hot new ones and best-sellers

Every makeup lover will be glad to get new makeup products the beauty community speaks about. Fortunately, there are numerous American brands we finally can lay our hands on in Germany. I love the quality of the palettes by Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills and both brands can be easily ordered on (find more details of the palettes displayed in the picture here and here).

While making a gift with smaller makeup items, I prefer making my own set, e.g. adding a lipstick, a mascara, and a lipliner. Another great way is simply picking a nice eyeshadow palette. Though it´s just one product, it´s still way more significant and mostly multifunctional. Eyeshadow palettes are so comfortable that I use them in most cases and hundreds of single eyeshadows belong to a very long past. Many palettes are multifunctional in the use because you can use a traditional transition shade as a bronzer. Champaign colors can be both eyeshadows and a gorgeous highlighter. This is how just one gift can meet various needs.

Ampules by Dr. Grandel

Ampules-sets are another amazing way to make a Christmas gift. It will make the skin visibly better, nourish it, and suit every age and need. There are so many different ampules to meet every need, every age, and every skin condition. I made such a great experience with the ampules by Dr. Grandel and Phyris. So, I can highly recommend them to absolutely everyone. First of all, they are amazing as an additional skincare for winter and don´t cost a fortune. Ampules are highly concentrated and provide visible results. Secondly, such a cute ampule-set is an amazing and personal gift which doesn´t look like it´s a last-minute one. Additionally, you can always choose the ampules the person you want to get the gift for needs or likes the most.

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Skincare-sets in a miniature size by Santaverde

It´s so practical to get a set of new skincare products in a miniature size to test them first. This is how you can use absolutely new products for a while and decide after that, whether you like them so much that you want to purchase the full size or not. I decided to recommend this brand because I absolutely like its unique concept. Santaverde is a natural skincare brand using only clean ingredients. They also use aloe vera juice instead of water as the main compound for all ingredients in all their products. That makes them even more nourishing and hydrating. In this particular set, you´ll find three miniatures: the aloe vera cleansing emulsion, the aloe vera face cream, and the aloe vera hydro repair gel. Such a gift is perfect for all who love natural skincare and pay attention to the ingredients.

Themed beauty boxes

A themed beauty box is nothing similar to the traditional beauty boxes. The thing is that in this case, you get a box filled with the products to a particular theme and based on it. Such boxes are an amazing idea as a Christmas gift because it´s so special and useful at the same time. Recently, I got a boxed called “feel good” which I fell in love with. It´s made for cold winter days and a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. The box contains everything a woman could need, from cozy socks to body oil and a nourishing face mask. Find more about the “feel good” box here.

How is the deal with your Christmas gifts? Did you prepare many beauty gifts for your loved ones?






*particular brands had been named

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