Citrus Deodorant by Weleda – review

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I think that today almost everyone knows how dangerous deodorants with aluminum are. The problem is that almost all well-known deodorants contain it. I personally, don’t want to use such products anymore. But what should we do? To stop using deodorants at all is not a solution. Fortunately, there are some labels which offer non-aluminum products, one should just read the list of ingredients on every package.

Recently, I found a good alternative to traditional deodorants. It´s Citrus Deodorant by Weleda. Weleda is a German firm which makes natural skin care products. You get 100ml. for 10 EUR which is ok. The best thing about this deodorant is that it protects our skin completely without aluminum but with essential oils. This deodorant smells very fresh and gives you a nice and fresh feeling. Of course, natural antiperspirants cannot protect your skin as good as a deodorant with aluminum does. But you should keep in mind that aluminum blocks pores on our skin and that´s why we don´t sweat. That can cause skin irritation and pimples. These things are not the worst that can happen to your body. I definitely won´t use such products anymore.


I am very satisfied with the citrus deodorant by weleda. I love its fresh smell and a nice feeling on my skin. I also love the idea that I don’t “poison” my body with such dangerous chemicals as aluminum.


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