Classic style meets leather


I love this coat but not only because it’s really beautiful and has an extraordinary collar. It also makes me look slimmer. As for me, this is a nice effect, which every piece of clothing should have. An A-fit of the coat makes it look much more feminine. That is why I wear high heel boots to it. I combined different types of leather in my outfit and it doesn’t look way too hard as you can see. I would even say that this outfit is a kind of business look with just one exception: a pleated leather skirt. To give my look a few playful notes I decided for a suede fringe purse, which is my favorite one in this season.

I wear:

Coat by Oasis

Shirt by Hugo Boss

Skirt by Zara

High heel boots by S. Oliver

Purse by Vera Pelle

Collier by Аccessories

Sunglasses by Michael Kors


Oasis5 Oasis4

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