Color in spring – a fleece shirt coat and what makes it so special

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Hi, beauties!

We´ve waited for the spring so long that the weather we´ve been having makes it even more disappointing. Does May even know that it´s its turn and that we are just a few steps away from the summer? It looks like we´ll spend a bit longer wearing our cozy jackets and coats. If you haven’t found your coat of the season yet, I’ll tell you why it is worth choosing a shirt-coat.

Why the hell should it be a shirt-coat?

Last fall we enjoyed the cool fleece shirts in an oversized look. They still remain a huge hit this spring, but let’s face it, we all want to try something new. The fleece shirt coat is perfect for such new vibes. It’s trendy and yet it looks refreshingly different. Of course, it also offers more warmth, which is always good. This is also a great opportunity to experiment with colors. So, I chose my gem in a beautiful sky-blue color that improves my mood as well as my fellow human beings. Well, bright colors are tough. But regardless of whether you are into bright colors or prefer neutrals, whether it should be a coat or a nice transition jacket, you are guaranteed to find THE piece on the AlbaModa website, which will make the season perfect.

More alternatives for your styling

Another reason why a fleece shirt coat puts its fashionable rival “the fleece shirt” to shame is the fact that it offers a lot more styling options. The oversized cut can easily become a silhouette-flattering one simply by using a belt. So, I turned my coat into a completely different outfit with a beautiful LV belt with small bells and whistles. A casual, sporty coat immediately looks much more feminine with just one extra detail.

I´m wearing: coat by Zara / ankle-boots by EGO / belt by Louis Vuitton

What do you like to wear in spring, coats or jackets? Do you prefer bold colors or keep it neutral?


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