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Slowly spring mood is coming up. At least, there are numerous new makeup lines which are coming to the stores and are inspired by bright and vibrant spring colors. Recently I discovered the new lipstick line “color riche shine” by L ´Oréal. I picked two of 9 shades from the collection, a nude shade “mlbb” and the most unusual shade “girlsnight”. Both lipsticks are so great and have such a nice quality that I cannot leave them without telling about them because they are worth it.


9 beautiful colors with a glossy finish

The new lipsticks collection has 9 gorgeous shades from which every girl will find the perfect one. All shades are highly pigmented and have a trendy glossy finish. Precious oils in the texture of the lipsticks make them so comfortable to wear for hours. Frankly, I never was a huge fan of the strong smell every lipstick by L´Oréal has. But these products have a different smell which is so nice. To me, it smells like blueberries or something alike. The packaging had also been changed and now looks very stylish and unique.

Speaking of my choice of colors, I decided for a great nude “mlbb” because I love nudes and always try new shades and new collections. I´m also very into unique and extraordinary colors, that is why I also picked the shade “girlsnight”.


The shade “mlbb” is the perfect nude which suits almost every skin tone and makes the lips look bigger and plumper because of the glossy finish. This shade is amazing for both smokey eyes and a neutral day makeup. I love this shade so much that I want to purchase it once again for the case the collection won´t be long in stock. Speaking of the second shade I decided for, I need to say that it turned out to be different than I expected it would be. I like lipsticks which look a kind of grungy, but this one looks too gray on the lips which doesn´t look nice. Though, I found the way to use it and like it on my lips. I put the tiniest amount of the product on my lips with my fingers and lightly dab it in. Still, if you don´t like any experiments with your makeup, this shade is not for you.




I love the lipsticks from the “color riche shine” collection by L´Oréal so much. To me, they are among the best lipsticks at the drugstore at the moment. They are highly pigmented, have a nice texture and are very comfortable to wear. All colors are so vibrant and beautiful and look gorgeous on the lips. Additionally, the new scent of these lipsticks is a great change because I know that many girls couldn’t use lipsticks by L´Oréal because of that. I liked them so much that I also need some other shades from the collection. With such great and vibrant colors, spring can begin.




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