Cremated – eyeshadow palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics – all you need to know

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Hi, beauties! Two weeks ago, I finally got my eyeshadow palette by Jeffree Star. The latest creation is called “cremated” and, as the name suggests, it´s based on cool-toned and grayish shades. A kind of nude palette from the Adams family. But jokes aside, I loved the idea of the palette the moment it had been launched. Sure, the theme of Gothic, the underworld, and the death is not for everyone, just like the colors that Jeffree Star integrates in his eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and highlighters. But I personally find the idea of making crazy colors in makeup very interesting and that’s why I buy some of the extraordinary creations by Jeffree.

While I was testing the palette, one of the biggest dramas involving Tati and Jeffree happened on American YouTube. Despite which side you´d picked, I would like to say that I do not want to address and discuss the personality of Jeffree Star. This review will only deal with his brand-new makeup creation and its quality. Whether you like him as a person or not, one thing is clear, his makeup is really, really good. So, let´s go straight to the palette!


The “cremated” palette: the design

I have to admit that I love all Jeffree Star Cosmetics designs. The new palette is no exception. It represents a marble slab that looked pretty minimalistic on the one hand and quite gloomy and even gothic on the other. The picture of Jeffree on the cover shows him falling into dust. The makeup on his face is of course made with the eyeshadows from the “cremated” palette. What distinguishes the latest creation from the previous palettes is the fact that its design turned out to be more classic, thin, and “take me with you” friendly.


The shades and the quality

What I love in Jeffree Star´s eyeshadows is that they are always constant. The quality has never disappointed me and it´s always a great one. There are many good eyeshadows that are still not makeups beginners friendly. It’s different in the case of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Yes, all colors are highly pigmented, but they can be blended so well and easily that even the brightest and the most active shades are not a problem. Ok, gray tones can be pretty tricky, but that issue was also resolved by fantastic quality. However, if you have little experience in makeup, I would recommend using a tiny bit of eyeshadows and layer them up step by step. This is how you´ll end up with great makeup even by using the most difficult shades.


The palette has a lot to offer. There are 24 gorgeous shades in it. If you take a quick look at them, you’d think that many shades of gray look pretty similar. But if you apply them, you can see that they are different shades and sometimes there are even different undertones. What I like is that there are not only cool light and dark tones but also a few neutral or even warm tones (look at the swatches). So, you can get much more out of the palette than just smokey eyes.

Buy or not? Who will like the “cremated” palette?

Like all Jeffree Star eyeshadow palettes, this one won’t be everybody´s darling. In addition, it costs 58 Eur, which is also not very cheap. But if you consider that you get 24 great eyeshadow colors for the price, it doesn´t seem as high of a price anymore. For everyone who is professional in makeup, it will be a nice and useful asset. Those who love shades of gray, smokey eyes, and simply interesting and unusual colors will also be happy to buy it and will be happy using the palette. But it is definitely not the right choice for all fans of natural makeup and nudes’ lovers.


the first two rows starting with Hearse


the last two rows staring with Mausoleum



Which is your most colorful / extraordinary eyeshadow palette?





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