Cuir Améthyste – fragrance by Armani Privé

Armani prive

Today I decided to write about one perfume by the House Armani and their private line named Armani Prive. This collection tells different stories with the help of different perfume styles and precious and semi-precious stones. Each of them is different and each of them has its own stone as an emblem. To be honest, many perfumes from this line a really intensive and even “grown-up”. But I could find one fragrance which literally blown my mind away. This fragrance is Cuir Amethyste.

First of all, the design of the bottle is gorgeous. This is a matte black bottle of glass with a metal label on it. On the top, there is a highlight of the perfume design, its lid in the form of an amethyst. This is definitely the best design of all perfumes I´ve ever seen.

The fragrance is very extraordinary. Theoretically, if you know what scent notes a person likes, you will probably find a perfume, which he or she would like. In case of Cuir Amethyste you just should try it on your skin as there is a possibility that it will be too unusual for you. This fragrance should definitely not be purchased online. It is light but intensive at the same time. It feels like the second skin. The base note of the fragrance is leather which is very sexy and intriguing. The note of the Russian birch completes the creation by Armani and gives it an additional portion of sensuality and unusualness.

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