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Recently, I tested a new product for me the Hydrating H Serum by DAYTOX and was very satisfied with it.  Since that time, I have been using it every day as the first step in my morning beauty routine. As I was so happy with that product, I decided to try other skin care products by this label. The reason why I wanted to test something else is because DAYTOX doesn’t have any parabens, silicones or artificial colors in their products and I do care about what I apply on my skin. I chose a body lotion and an enzyme face peeling for a test. I think you can never do anything wrong with a body lotion as we all need one. As for the enzyme peeling, unfortunately, I cannot use the traditional mechanical ones because they cause irritations and redness on my skin. Enzyme peelings and fruit acid peelings are the great alternatives to the mechanical ones.

Body Lotion

All products by DAYTOX have a similar package. It´s simple but qualitative package made of brown plastic or glass. Purchasing the body lotion, you get 300 ml of product in a plastic bottle with a pump. I personally prefer packaging with a pump as it makes the application much more comfortable and hygienic. The texture of the lotion is very light and that is why it is absorbed very quickly. I love using it after working out as it nourishes my skin and I don´t need to wait too long before I can put on my clothes. I cannot say whether this body lotion is rich enough for a winter skincare, but it´s perfect for spring and summer.


Enzyme Peeling

I was a little bit afraid to use the enzyme peeling for the first time as such chemical peeling could be quite aggressive for the skin. It is recommended to mix equal parts of the peeling (in a dry form) and water. The mixture should be applied on the skin for one or two minutes. To be sure I wouldn´t burn my skin, I applied it for a minute and after that rinsed it with warm water. At that moment, I understood that my fear was unnecessary as my skin became incredibly smooth and baby-soft without any redness or tightness. I love how this peeling works!



I am a 100% satisfied with the products by DAYTOX I tested. Both the body lotion and the enzyme peeling do their job brilliantly. Meanwhile, I use the body lotion every day after taking a shower and love the way how nourished my skin becomes. The enzyme peeling is my personal discovery. It´s incredible how easily, fast, and effectively it removes all the dead skin cells and makes it smooth and soft. This peeling is definitely the product I will repurchase.




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Did you try any of DAYTOX products? What peelings do you use?


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