Don´t let social media affect your life

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Hi, beauties! There are probably no people under 50 years old who wouldn´t use at least one social media platform. Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and other platforms belong to our life and cannot be missed anymore. Looking at social media the way it originally used to be, it was a great opportunity to be or to get in touch with relatives and friends who lived far away. It also was a great source of inspiration and motivation, but time changed drastically.

All that went away and now Instagram and Co. turned out to be the digital hall of fake fame. Now, it´s the place where the perfect life is shown, even if perfection doesn´t exist at all. Well, even the ones who are incredibly happy in their lives, can´t claim that their life is perfect because it simply can´t be. Life is all about working, hoping, feeling, striving and much more and this is what makes it so great. Still, nowadays such things like reality and authenticity belong to those imperfections which should be deleted like a pimple on the portrait picture. It was proved by numerous psychologists and psychiatrists how negative the pressure to be the best and to look the best affects our emotional balance and our self-esteem.

Of course, it´s quite utopic to think that knowing that people will spend less time or even quit using social media at all. Still, we all can improve our ways of how and how much we interact on Instagram and Co. It will help to reduce the pressure of being “perfect” and not real. If the first thing you´re doing in the morning after getting up is checking your Instagram, then something went seriously wrong and this post is written for you.


Set an amount of time you spend on social media and stick to it

We all are prone to go to our favorite social media platforms so take a short look at something and stay there for 40 other minutes scrolling through the timeline. We are all hooked on the online world and all those pictures and stories don´t make it any easier for us to close the app and enjoy the real world. One of the main reasons we spend so much time on social media is that we believe that other peoples´ life is more interesting and exciting than ours. Perfectly staged pictures affect in a way we don´t even realize. Even if we mostly know that all that ritzy aesthetics of the pics aren´t real and their owners just want to make us think they would live that life, we look at them and out mood gets worse and worse. The more we look through great, fancy, and exciting life in the imaginary world of Instagram, the less we are satisfied with ours. It seems like everyone travels more often than you and experience so much great stuff while you have absolutely nothing. Of course, we all need a painful pinch every now and then to be reminded that even the biggest influencers most probably don´t have that kind of life they make us believe they do. Still, feeling how your mood gets from worse to bad while scrolling through the newest fancy pics close the app, put your smartphone away and concentrate on the real world for a while.

If you set an amount of time to spend on social media per day, it will help you a lot in several ways. First of all, you´ll save your time and won´t spend the whole day on Instagram. Secondly, you will be more productive throughout a day being focused on your activities. Thirdly, you´ll keep your good mood because those “perfect” fake images won´t affect you that much. Social media should motivate us instead of making us feel miserable because of the fact that we look, feel or live in a different way. Make a habit of it, e.g. going on social media every three hours for 15 minutes. Doing this you will always be up to date what´s going on online and be able to reduce the pressure social media may put you in.

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Turn off push-notifications

Numerous tests show that a smartphone distracts us even if it simply lays on the desk near us, while working and reduces our attention and focus. If you have your push-notifications switched on, it gets even worse. Let´s be honest, there is nothing important we get notified on via push messages, right?! Do you really want to know who gave you a like or wrote a comment every minute? But if there are hundreds of likes and comments, do you want to get distracted a hundred times? Believe me, likes, comments, and private messages can wait some hours until you log in when you´re done with anything you had been focused on. I switched off all push-notifications long ago and look at me, I still get everything I want to get and never miss anything important.

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Social media-detox

The huge pressure to be perfect no matter what, upload an excellent content and be able to be everywhere and every time makes us suffer burn-out and feel miserable both physically and emotionally.

I know it way too well because I felt the same shortly after starting to promote my blog and myself as a fashion blogger on Instagram and other social media platforms. It was so stressful and I didn´t even get a minute of emotional rest. I was always considering my next steps, my posts, and pictures and I never felt it would be good enough. Even at night, I couldn´t sleep because of the pressure of what I have to do and how I have to do it. Nights with no sleep and days filled with postings, writing, engaging with readers and other bloggers and absolutely no satisfaction. No wonder that after having lived at such breakneck speeds, I felt like an emotional wreck.

Last summer turned out to be my waking-up call moment when I finally realized that something has to be changed. I went to Spain for a week and actually wanted to enjoy my well-deserved vacation. I also had my usual schedule of Instagram postings for those days, but I absolutely failed it because of my emotional burn-out. The most interesting thing is that after I decided to make a pause for one week and simply post stories, I felt so bad and experienced a kind of remorse. At that moment I realized how deeply I had been hooked on social media and been feeling that pressure of constantly being online and doing something great.

Since my vacation I drastically changed the way I see social media and my presence there. I stopped posting every single day. Instead, I post three to four times a week and pay more attention to stories. Sundays, I simply have a detox-day from all social media platforms and barely check it.

If you feel uncomfortable or under pressure thinking or being on social media, it´s a sign to overthink your what and how you do it online. Believe me, even if you pause posting or steaming for a while, you can always continue on the point where you stopped. Online world is there, and it won´t go anywhere.

Sometimes it´s not that bad to get away from social media and turn to the real world, filling yourself with new energy, creativity, and ideas.

Wart ihr schon mal von den sozialen Medien gestresst? Wie findet ihr das Gleichgewicht zwischen der realen und digitalen Welt?







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