Dreams come true if you really want them to


Who doesn´t want his or her wishes come true? For sure, you all heard about the so-called “wish map”. Though it needs time and some work to be done, it definitely works, provided, you do everything right. Still, there is also a method of writing down the wishes. This is supposed to be enough because everything you write down lets the universe hear it. The most important thing is to let your wish go in order the universe can start working on it. I found out that it is true on my own example. My today´s outfit reminds me of how the most desired wishes may turn into reality. But let us start at the beginning of the story.

If you wish something with all your heart a wonder can happen

As for the wish maps, they really work, and I know it because of my own experience. Four years ago, I made my wish map with all the things which had been important to me because my life was going to change drastically. Every night, before going to bed, I looked on the wish map and imagined that all these wishes turned into reality. Effectively, everything on the map turned into reality within that year. Maybe my every day´s ritual of visualizing helped me or maybe it just stimulated me to keep going to achieve my goals. Still, there is a chance that the universe heard me and helped me (even if it sounds weird).

You would probably think that the story was thrilling but what the hell does it have in common with the outfit and my wishes? The thing is that I had a wish for a long time. It wasn´t anything special that would change my whole life. I just wanted to meet Corey Tailor (the frontman of Slipknot and Stone Sour). Still, there weren´t any concerts in Germany which meant a strong “no” to my wish. I don´t know why, but at the end of 2017 I wrote down in my notebook with all wishes and goals that I will meet him in 2018 (by the way, I always write down my goals for next year at the end of December). I was quite sure that there was no chance to turn this wish into reality, especially in 2018. Still, I thought that wonders can happen the moment we don´t even expect. In March 2018, I got an e-mail where four additional concerts in Germany had been listed. I decided to go to Hannover and it turned out that the meet & greet with the band took place there too. Guess what? My wish came true and I met Corey in 2018. Frankly, I am a very skeptical person who believes in coincidences rather than in destiny, but in that case, I was sure that the universe heard me.

I got asked a couple of times about why certain wishes won´t come true. Well, I believe that every good and positive wish will come true. It´s just a question of time. Some wishes take more time than others. They say that the darkest hour is just before the sunrise and it´s true. Sometimes, we even get tested and have to bite the bullet in order to see, whether we really want that something. So, my opinion is, believe, turn your dreams into goals, work hard on them, and be patient. This is the best way to make your wishes come true.

Shirt dress, straw bag, and a little bit of color – this is how the perfect summer mixture is created 

This outfit has been photographed in Hannover at the day of the concert. Everything on that day was perfect. The weather was warm and sunny. The surroundings where we lived and planned to have our photo shoot was great too. We didn´t have too much time and decided to take some pictures near a stylish house. We asked the owner of the house, whether we may take the pictures there. He friendly allowed us to do it and after that even showed us another house which we definitely should use as a background too. The moment we saw kind of a “fairytale castle” we couldn´t stop anymore. Of course, we needed the owner’s permission too. He turned out to be so friendly and excited about this idea that he even allowed us to come to his yard and take pictures everywhere we wanted to. There are days when everything goes so smoothly that you don´t even believe it´s true. This day was one of these. That´s why, every time I look at these pictures, I go back to that day and it fills my heart with joy and happiness. Sometimes we don´t need too much to feel blessed and happy. Just being friendly and nice to each other can make every day a great one.

I´m wearing: dress by Asos / sandals by La Strada / sunnies by Miu Miu / bag by Topshop / erarrings by H&M /



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