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I hope you all had an amazing New Year´s Eve and a great start into 2018. I had such a great time that I didn´t even have an opportunity to publish my traditional Monday´s blog post as usual. Some of you who follow me on Instagram know that I spent some days in Amsterdam (a short travel throwback to last year can be found here). Of course, I couldn´t leave the city without finding any new beauty products. Though I first saw the highlighters “DUOchromic illuminating powder” by NYX last summer, they were available only in the US. I purchased mine in the Netherlands, but I checked the situation and they are already available in Germany as well. I used them pretty much to see how good they are and I want to share with you my experiences with them in today´s post.

DUOchromatic illuminating powder – shades, quality, particularities

First of all, we should make it clear what “DUOchromatic” means. In the contrary to traditional highlighters which create a glow in the shade you can see in the package, duochromatic products change their shade depending on what the light situation is or how you move your head. You can choose from five different shades. I picked the “twilight tint” and the “lavender steel”. The first one changes its color to the green glow. The second one as its name reveals turns to a pinkish/lavender shade on the cheeks.


(price = 11 EUR)

Both highlighters can be easily used on their own or above your favorite highlighter. Applying it above any highlighter will give you a more complex and dimensional glow which will look amazing on events with bright lights and photo flashes. For those who prefer it subtler, you just need a thin layer of a product and that´s it. The first time I tried it on its own, I could barely see the product on my cheeks. Though, when I looked at the pictures we took on that night, I was blown away by the most beautiful glow in my life. Additionally, there is a great way to use these highlighters for an eye makeup. The shades are perfect to accentuate the eyes and make any makeup a wow.


Who will love the “DUOchromatic illuminating powder” and who shouldn´t even try it? 

Would I speak about one of my favorite highlighters by Jeffree Star (here), I definitely couldn´t recommend it to those who prefer a more natural-looking glow. Concerning this product, I could imagine that it could be interesting for those who want a dimensional glow for some event or an evening makeup without having a metallic finish. As I already mentioned, it is also perfect for an eye makeup. Still, if you want it to look very natural, you could try another product by NYX, “away we glow” (here). To me, it´s one of the most interesting and versatile products of late. I enjoy using it so much!




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