„Eau de Beauté” by Caudalie – review

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Caudalie Gesichtswasser

I love using thermal water as it gives a nice and fresh feeling to my skin. It also calms down my sensitive skin. That is why I always have it with me and use it at the office, after sports or just on the go. As I saw the “eau de beauté” by Caudalie I had to try it because this face water supposed to improve skin condition, reduce pores, give the inner glow to the skin and make it firmer. Actually, it sounds too good to be true. The face water costs ca. 35 EUR, which is not that cheap.

To be honest, I didn’t expect this face water would make some wonders but I hoped it would give me a little bit of glow. The product consists of different etheric oil, such as bitter orange oil, rosemary oil and others. This is great for your skin but the scent of the face water needs getting used to. My face smelled the whole day like a mixture of oils for Ayurveda fans. I can´t say that I liked it, but I after a week or two I got used to it. The question is, wherever the face water by Caudalie improved my skin? I would say, no, it didn´t.


Caudalie has some many skin care products which are very good. It also has nice, natural ingredients, doesn´t have any parabens and sulfates and does not test its products on animals. The “eau de beauté” by Caudalie is a good product if we see as a kind of thermal water. It moisturizes your skin pretty good and gives you a nice fresh feeling. Unfortunately, it won´t reduce your pores, make your skin firmer or give you an inner glow. That is why I was rather disappointed about this product. I think that one should not purchase such an expensive product that feels like a normal thermal water.

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