Elegant and super trendy at the same time. It´s possible with a suit


During the time of the extreme heat in Europe, I could prove all the benefits of the linen fabrics. Fortunately, I have some linen clothes which is amazing. It feels so comfy and light on the skin. The fabrics let the skin breath underneath which makes the heat less exhausting. So, I love wearing my linen pants you may have already seen in one of my posts (here) where I combined them with a cropped top. This time, I found a suit which blew my mind away.

When classic pieces meat tends you get something great to experiment with

If you imagine a suit, you will probably think about a strict dress-code at any office and something very classic, right? Suits are the must-haves for the people who work at the office or run business and they barely step aside from this dress-code. Suits like we used to imagine them remained in the past. Today, there are different suits which can be worn everywhere. So, e.g. pajama suits are so different that you simply can forget what you actually wear. Though, not everybody learned to love such suits. For those of you, who don´t understand this trend, I want to introduce the other one which is an amazing alternative both for your private use and your work life. It´s all about suits with shorts.

Such a suit has so many benefits, starting with the unusual and trendy look. Though shorts may look quite casual, the combination with a blazer makes them look representative enough. Like every normal set, this one can also be worn separately which is extremely practical. Any creative person is able to pair it at least a hundred times with other pieces in the wardrobe.

A trendy all-timer by Na-Kd

I love the brand Na-Kd and have numerous pieces by it. I also made log posts where you might have seen them too, e.g. the one with the hoodie in the trendiest color of the year (here), or the posts with two favorite midi dresses of mine (here and here) I´ve still been wearing a lot. This time, I also wasn´t disappointed by the quality of the pieces I got. I love the color of the suit because it makes the color of my eyes even brighter. The blazer is amazing and looks differently depending of how I wear it. Open, it creates such a cool and casual look, while closed, it looks very classy, yet trendy. I paired it with black sandals and a black bralette. It even made the whole outfit a little bit rock´n´rolla like. In the shorts I felt like Angus Young from AC/DC. That´s why I decided to add some necklaces to the outfit. The first one is a golden necklace with a crystal charm on it which was also found at na-kd web-site. Another one has a ceramic element and turquois stones on it. I found it in Spain where I always find and purchase new jewelry. I´m so in love with this outfit! What are your thoughts about it?

I´m wearing: suit by Na-Kd, blazer (here), shorts (here) / sandals by Mango / Bralette by / crystal necklace Na-Kd (here) / necklace Une a Une




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    Sucha cool styling dear, you look wonderful!

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