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Many things are much easier when you are prepared or at least you know what direction you should go. When I started my blog, I wasn´t prepared at all. All I had was a huge desire to create my own space where my voice can be heard, my interests are seen and had many questions about how to do prevail. I cannot say that I became a blogging professional, but I definitely know much more and much better about this whole issue. As I´m constantly being asked about some tips for rookie bloggers, I decided to make a short list of what I think is important to know and to follow. This post might be helpful for all bloggers who are at the beginning of their journey or maybe want to start their own blog.

What story do you want to tell with your blog?

This is the most important question which will determine the future of your blog. Of course, there are some famous bloggers who completely changed their topic and didn´t lose their visibility. Still, it´s more an exception than a rule. You should stick to your topic and work on it. So, ask yourself what you like the most. The worst thing you can do is starting blogging about something you actually can´t associate you with. Sure, such topics like, fashion, beauty or travel are being hyped at the moment but if you don´t even wear makeup, feel comfy wearing the same three t-shirts with jeans and your vision of travelling is your daily trip from home to your office and back, it´s not your topic. I´m sure that you don´t have to be a professional about what you want to blog about. You need a huge desire, passion and ability to grow with your blog, learn something new and try to become better. Even if your interests are unique. There always will be people who like the same thing and they will find your blog.

Be patient

It doesn´t matter how good your blog is, in the beginning, almost nobody will read it. The good thing about the internet is the fact that everybody has a place and chance on it. The worst thing is that there are so many blogs out there that it´s quite complicated to find yours. Be prepared for it and use this time to make your blog better. When my blog was online for almost 4 months I was very impatient and I couldn´t understand why social media agencies didn´t want to add my blog to their lists and called it “too young”. Now I completely understand it. In fact, the first 6 months I spent blogging, I was searching myself and the way I want my posts should be written. Statistically, many new blogs don´t survive the first 6 months of their existence on the web. It doesn´t mean that all of them were bad. Probably, many bloggers who gave up on their projects were lack of patience. Still, patience is one of the most needed qualities you should have if you decide to take this road.

Grow some thicker skin

I am a very sensitive person and that is why I absolutely needed it myself. Every activity which is based on publicity and contact with other people can bring not only good and optimistic people but also haters and enviers on your side. There are people who just can´t help posting some negative or even mean things. Even superstars have them. So, if you don´t want such comments to ruin your life you definitely should train yourself to block the negativity and don´t let them hurt you. Without such a shield you won´t be able to do this job.

Don´t forget who you are

There are hundreds of trends coming every day. Looking on other bloggers or just people with many followers on social media platforms, it´s not easy to withstand the spontaneous wish to do the same. Still, you should try to remain cool in such impulsive moments. Keep in mind the main topic of your blog, your style, your way to tell your story and think whether you want to change it completely. It´s very simple to lose your identity trying to become cooler or even simply trying to bring some new flow to your blog. Still, don´t let it become something completely new. There are many examples on YouTube with some popular channels which lost thousands of subscribers just because their makers wanted a fresh and totally new content.

Be active on several social media platforms

Nowadays, having only a blog is not enough. Though the main focus may be laid on your blog, you should be active on at least two other social media platforms. Why? The answer is easy. There are many people who don´t read blogs but spend their free time on Instagram. Others prefer Twitter and don´t use Instagram. Being active on different platforms gives you a chance to grow your community and let people know that you and your brand exist.

Work hard, work every day

Last but not least, work every day and do it hard. The stereotypes that bloggers don´t do anything except shooting selfies, is false. There is so much to do every day. To create a growing blog, you have to work constantly. Your readers will want regular updates from you. In case you won´t give it to them, they go away. A qualitative blog is a place where quality and quantity meet. That´s why you should think about this job twice. Posting something once in a while is not enough and won´t bring you anywhere.

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  1. 8. June 2018 / 15:12

    Interesting post … for sure you must be patient … otherwise it will be a waste of time … also it depends the kind of expectations you have when you want to start a blog … sharing is easier than making money 😉 (I think it’s a bad idea to start blogging thinking you’ll be rich with your posts … few exceptions … very few)

    Nice and stylish outfit!

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