Ever-green pieces you should have in your wardrobe – #1 a pencil skirt

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One thing has to be admitted, we live in the age of fast fashion and what is still trendy today can be a huge OUT tomorrow. For this reason, you should always think about what it is worth spending your money on (especially when it comes to expensive designer pieces) and what not. But even in such a rapidly changing world of fashion there are some evergreens that are always trendy, always make us look stylish and beautiful, and that are always worthwhile to have in good quality. Such pieces will be covered in the series “pieces that are always on-trend”. If you have them in your wardrobe, you have a great outfit base that can be combined with and supplemented with all new trends. The first item of clothing that you should definitely have is a pencil skirt. But what can it actually do to your style?


The pencil skirt: a classic that can always be reinterpreted

This kind of skirt has a midi length that goes over the knees and is very slim fitting. A piece like this suits in every office as well as at any event or a date. The nice thing about it is the fact that you always look elegant wearing it, even if you wear it with a base top. This skirt flatters absolutely every body type and makes the legs look much longer (we all want that, right?). So, there is absolutely no excuse for not having a pencil skirt in your wardrobe.



A must-have that is an absolute eye-catcher and yet a subtle piece

How is that possible? The length of the skirt is more than neutral, so, even such a slim cut looks very harmless. For this reason, one can choose such a piece in a more active fabric, e.g. leather. Yes, yes, you heard it right. With this type of skirt, even such a provocative material cannot spoil the game, on the contrary, it brings a certain something and immediately makes the skirt look much more modern and dynamic.


This is the best way to style the pencil skirt:

  • An oversized shirt in white + a leather pencil skirt in black

This combo will work well for both the office outfit and a stylish girls´ hang-up in the city. Combine it with black pumps and several small or one large necklaces and casually roll up your sleeves.

  • A cropped sweatshirt + a leather pencil skirt

The combination combines the classic and the sporty touches in one look. If you opt for a sweatshirt with a rock band print, you´ll bring a little rock’n’roll vibe into play, which works perfectly with the leather skirt and rounds up the look. A sweatshirt without any prints makes the whole thing look sportier, but by no means less cool. In addition, a cropped sweatshirt accentuates the waist even more and your body will look terrific. Compliments are inevitable, guaranteed!


Last but not least … shoes. High heels are the best choice for an outfit based on a pencil skirt. Unfortunately, this skirt cut only works well with heels, because flat shoes ruin the entire vibe and rough boots are protagonists of a totally different story. So, stay away from them! Slouchy boots don’t work either, because they create “thick” legs at the bottom, while everything looks fine and slim at the top. The best choice is classic pumps or tight-fitting boots.


I´m wearing: sweatshirt by Bershka / skirt by H&M / pumps by Maje / bag by Valentino /



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