Eye make-up remover “Biocils” by Biotherm – review

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It is very important to cleanse your face properly after the whole day wearing make-up. Unfortunately, many of us neglect cleansing, especially cleansing the eye area and lashes. The rests of mascara could weaken your lashes and even make them fall out. Many of us use micellar water for both face and eye areas. To be honest, me too, but still I prefer a traditional eye make-up remover to micellar water as my eye area and lashes feel better and cleaner. Today I wanna share with you one of my favorite eye make-up remover which I already repurchased several times. This is Biocils by Biotherm.

The eye make-up remover by Biotherm is a product created for waterproof make-up but I use it for my normal, not waterproof one. This make-up remover is a two-phase product which removes eye make-up of every intensity within seconds. It is gentle to the skin and still removes even eye liner from the first stroke. Additionally, this is the one product (at least I didn’t find anything like this) which limits lash loss due to make-up removal. At first I thought it would be a kind of commercial campaign but as I tried this make-up remover I noticed that it really worked.


The Biocils eye make-up remover by Biotherm is my favorite product and is worth buying. It removes every make-up very gently and protects lashes from falling out. This is my third bottle of this product and I will definitely purchase a fourth one.


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