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I love makeup and wear it a lot. That is why it´s important for me to cleanse my skin deeply on a regular basis. Unfortunately, traditional makeup removers leave makeup rests which can cause irritations and clogged pores. Such practical gadgets as electrical face brushes are supposed to cleanse the skin deeply and remove more makeup rests and impurities from the skin. I decided to purchase one long ago but the budget face brushes weren´t for me because I have a sensitive skin and many inexpensive face brushes have just one brush for a normal skin. Mostly, it´s not removable either. Good and qualitative electric face bushes cost a lot and I knew that I definitely need one.

I paid my attention to the famous tools by Clarisonic. Well, all I read about them sounded great but there was just one problem, every face brush by this brand costs about 160 EUR. Frankly, I wasn´t sure, whether I want to spend so much money on it but when I got a Douglas gift card (a German Sephora-like store) for Christmas, I knew what I would order. I have been using my Mia 2 face brush by Clarisonic for a while now and give you my thoughts and experiences with this beauty helper. In case you are also interested in purchasing an electronic face brush, this information could be useful for you as well.

Packaging and set

I was fortunate enough to pick a limited holiday version of the face brush. This version includes not only the traditional electric face brush with a removable brush head but also a sonic foundation brush head as a gift. The foundation brush head can also be bought separately for 35 EUR. To me, it´s a great chance to try it out without spending more money. By the way, the set didn´t cost more than the regular face brush.



The set has a nice holiday packaging which is perfect as a gift for Christmas, birthday or even for Valentine´s day. It includes the Mia 2 face brush, the radiance skin brush suitable for a sensitive skin, charging cable, the sonic foundation brush, and the instruction. Clarisonic recommends charging the face brush for about 18 hours before starting to use it. This should be enough to use it for about 80-100 minutes without recharging the brush. I have been using mine for more than a month already and I still didn´t charge it for the second time.



Mia 2 by Clarisonic – application and results 

The face brush is quite heavy but lies well in the hand. The bristles on the radiance brush head are perfect for a sensitive skin because they are extremely soft and gentle. You can choose between two different programs which make the head of the brush move differently. The whole skin cleansing program is divided into sections. The first 20 seconds are recommended for the forehead after that the brush vibrates two times which is the sign to move on. After that, there are 20 seconds for the nose and the chin. Last but not least, there are 20 seconds divided into 2×10 seconds for the cheeks. The head of the face brush rotates so fast (with more than 300 oscillations per second) that you can barely feel it. What you definitely will feel is the perfectly cleansed and soft skin without any irritations or redness. The Mia 2 face brush removes up to 6 times more makeup rests and impurities from your skin than the traditional cleansing by hand and prepares it for the further skincare routine.


The sonic foundation brush

In no time the Clarisonic face brush turns into the perfect makeup application tool. I have to admit that I was a little bit skeptical about it at first. In fact, I love using my beauty blender for the foundation routine and prefer it to the traditional foundation makeup brushes. I changed my mind when I applied my foundation with it. My skin looked so flawless and weightless. I would even compare it with the airbrush makeup. It also took me less time to blend than with the beauty blender. By the way, the foundation brush is also amazing for blending cream products like contours or bronzers in the stick. I´m very impressed.


Good to know: In case of the sonic foundation brush a tiny bit of a product goes a long way. If you just like me are used to using the beauty blender or another beauty sponge, you probably use more product. Using the foundation brush by Clarisonic you need just a little bit for the whole face. The antibacterial impermeable bristles of the brush absorb only the needed amount of the product. If you apply too much, it could be a kind of complicated to blend it out. So, spare your favorite foundation because just a few drops will create a nice coverage.


The Mia 2 by Clarisonic completely changed my skincare routine. My skin looks and feels much better. Clogged pores and irritations are rear guests since I started to use it. For my sensitive skin, I use the face brush two to three times a week and every time when I wear a high coverage foundation. I would sincerely recommend it to everybody. Still, there is just one problem which is the high price of the tool. Though, you can ask your family members or a boyfriend to purchase it for you as a present or just wait for some discounts and spare 15 to 20 % of the price. I´m happy to finally have tried it.



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