Fall-Winter trends 19/20 – what you´ll wear the coming season

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Hi, beauties! Unfortunately, the summer is almost ready to go but our silver lining is the fact that a new fashion season is about to start. There are new collections everywhere to make the most fashionable and trendiest wardrobe of the season. To know what to pick among all the options, you should know what the main trends of the season fall/winter 19/20 are. In this post I summoned up the coolest ones I personally am obsessed with.

Total-black look

Every fall/winter season this trend is to find at the shows of numerous designers. I can totally relate to that because there is barely anything more elegant and fashionable at the same time than a total-black-combo. There are so many options to style a great total-black look staring with Rock’n’Rolla vibes finishing with the elegance of Audrey Hepburn. I will definitely use this trend a lot in my fall and winter outfits.


Plaid is one of the biggest all-rounders we always have in one or another variation. For the season fall/winter 19/20 designer stick to the classic black-and-white and white-and-red plaid print. There are so many nice plaid pieces to fall in love with.

I´m wearing: dress by Zara / sneakers by Fila / bag by Topshop / hat by Loevenich /

Capes and ponchos

Capes and ponchos are perfect in fall time because they allow us to stay warm wearing our favorite dresses and blouses underneath. This season they are back! Still, if you don’t feel sure about a classic poncho, you can simply choose a “light option” sticking with trendy trench-coats. They have a longer shoulder “wings” going almost till the waist which creates a nice and unusual look.

Strong shoulders

The shoulder line in the trendiest outfit of 2019/2020 is strong and prominent. It can be a blazer, a trench coat or a dress but the shoulder line determines and shows whether your piece is from the latest collection of not. It will make even the simplest outfit an unsual and unique one.

The “real” fur

Last couple of years we got to love furry creations in different colors and optic. The faux fur was one of the biggest trends. Now, the game has changed, and cozy furry coats should look as if they were real. Crazy colors also went away and made some space to the natural-looking ones. To me, it’s a great idea and no animal will suffer for fashion.

More leather

This trend can be seen as a separate one or a continuation of the total-black one. Numerous designers put total-leather looks in their current collections. Though there are many total blank ones, there are still unusual colorful options. The only thing is, all of them include a monochrome optic even for the accessories, e.g. gloves.

It´s Punk, Baby!

Destroyed black jeans, oversized shirts with a black and red plaid, sturdy boots and net tights are back again. The punk style celebrates its revival the coming fall. I don´t know how you feel about it but I love to integrate such details into my casual outfits and will gladly do it again.

It´s getting wild in here!

Leo print is one of those prints which you cannot be neutral against. Some people love it, the others hate it but the fact is that it’s here to stay. This time we even have more animal print options starting with a classical leo print finishing with more colorful ones. Additionally, there are different variations of the zebra print you can elevate your fall-winter looks with.

Trendy shoes

Speaking of the shoes I can point out two main trends which I love most. First of all, its sturdy boots which seem to remain on the top of the fashion world for a long time. The second shoe trend which I really like is lace-up ankle-boots and boots. Additionally, there are long broad boots which are still super in and will look great with floral midi dresses and skirts.





What trends are you excited to wear the coming season?

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