Falsehood on Instagram – how the platform shows the real faces of its users

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Such topics like Instagram will never get boring. There is so much going on on that platform. Additionally, even using fake accounts without a profile picture, people show their true faces pretty well. On the internet, so many people try to be somebody else and it´s awful. I got inspired to write this post because of the things I see quite often on my account and the accounts of my friends. The Instagram world turned to be not only a place where the most fake millionaires live but also a place of falsehood and hypocrisy.

Falsehood instead of positivity and tolerance

Almost every second Instagram account has some motivating and positivity spreading posts. Sadly, many of the people who write them don´t necessarily want to make the world a little bit better but only hide behind that positivity to present them the best and nicest way they can. For them it doesn’t even matter what it takes.

Recently, I got a weird and quite unpleasant comment under a pic of mine on Instagram. Of course, I got curious to get to know who the commenter was. I went to her account and had to laugh. The last post on her account was dedicated to positivity, happiness, and that happy people don´t write bulling or insulting comments. Isn´t it funny that insults other people and advices her followers not to do it… How about following your own advice actually?

It´s so false and shallow in my eyes to be a shitter on the accounts of the people you don’t know and try to be the sunshine on your own account.

A new algorithm should prevent bullying and hatred on Instagram

For sure, many of you have already heard about a new Instagram algorithm which is supposed to reduce the amount of negative comments and bullying. The moment you want to send such a comment, you´ll get a notification warning you that your message contains bullying or negative meaning. This is when you can change or completely delete your comment or at least consider what is insulting in your comment. It´s a nice idea on its own but still, I find it very sad that we need something like this to feel a bit better on the web.

First of all, it´s really bad that people got so malicious that such an algorithm is even needed.

Secondly, and this is what is even worse, obviously, some people don´t even understand that their comments are not their opinions but insulting and bullying messages.

It would be much better when people would finally behave others the way they want to be behaved by them too.

Culottes, Sequins and a little bit of snake print

Let´s switch to a more pleasant topic, to fashion and outfit inspirations.

An interesting fact about me is that I discovered culotte pants for my wardrobe only this spring. I used to think that this kind of pants doesn´t suit me well. I used to think so but I didn´t eve try them on me. Now, I basically live in culottes and love them so much. To me it was another proof how we can be influenced by anything when we didn´t even give that something a shot.

These culottes are the part of my suit by Massimo Dutti I purchased this spring. By the way, matching pieces and suits are perfect in case you are not that deep into styling pieces. In this case an outfit is already prepared for you and it will look great for sure. Additionally, you always can use the blazer or the pants from your suit separately creating even more styling combinations. I already styled this suit in a sporty way (here) and in a more elegant way (here). Today, I decided to include only the pants into my outfit.



I wanted it to be a neutral-based one. That´s why I picked the color beige. Beige culottes, beige top, and beige pumps with a holographic effect. To make the look more interesting and catchier, I focused on details and prints. Nude color can be quite boring, and it needs to be popped with something active. So, I decided for a nude top fully embroidered with sequins. Another great accent is the saddlebag with a snakeskin print.

This is how easily you can get a very neutral looking outfit which doesn´t look boring. Just put some extra details and prints to your all-nude-outfits and they will look thrilling.

I´m wearing: top by Zara / culottes by Massimo Dutti / pumps by Högl / bag by Missguided / bracelet by Patrizia Pepe





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  1. 16. July 2019 / 4:59

    Great post Daria! And I had no idea that the new algorithm will target bullying. That’s great. Unfortunately we live in a world of unhappy and negative people. Nasty comments come from a place of hurt people who like to hurt people. Really no way around it. You just keep coming from a warm place and kill people with kindness. And I love your look. Good for you for trying out a new style. That shows a place of growth.


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