Fashion Evergreens: #2 white pants

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Hi, beauties!

Most of us love to wear pants. Of course, they are so comfortable and yet so stylish. White pants and jeans are especially chic because they are able to transform any basic piece into a great casual outfit that also has a street style character within seconds. It is not for nothing that this pure color is associated with warmth, vacation, and sunshine. You get these great vibes with white pants/jeans immediately after putting them on, even in winter and you don’t have to go south for that kind of vibe. Which pants are those stylish evergreens that will serve you faithfully for a long time and look great no matter what? This is how you find them.

The cut is crucial

Yes, it has to be said. White pants/jeans can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what suits you and what body type you have. The still so popular skinny jeans are a major no-go for anyone who doesn’t have the legs of a supermodel. Girls with long and thin legs can rock white skinnies like no other can. But this fact shouldn´t disappoint you, because for us mere mortals there are many other cuts that flatter our bodies and look damn good. The best choice is straight cut and flare pants. Both cuts are currently on-trend and can be worn just as well much later, provided that you decide for flared pants with minimal volume at the bottom. These two cuts are perfect if your legs are not very long or thin, or if they are not quite straight (this is not a problem at all, but one should definitely consider this peculiarity while choosing clothes).

The length has to be right

The best choice is pants that go to the ankles or even a few inches above them. This trick not only makes the legs look much longer but also accentuates beautiful, narrow ankles. In combination with classic pumps or loafers, it works wonders. Of course, this length also has a practical aspect, because in fall and winter it allows you to wear many different shoe variations and the pants stay nice and clean.

What is the best way to style white pants/jeans?

If you choose straight or very subtle flared pants, you can really pair them with everything. It can be a slim-cut top or, as in my today´s outfit, an oversized sweater or a shirt. Since the pants do not change the proportions of the body at all, there is also no risk of ruining the outfit or even worse, your body proportions while picking the “wrong” top. In terms of color, I would stick with more cheerful and bright colors, because they give white pants even more luminosity. But if you prefer neutrals, beige and gray in all undertones are perfect a perfect choice. However, I would advise against a bright white top, as the whole outfit then would look much too clean, as if you were a dental assistant at work. The color off-white is the perfect solution. It makes a very subtle contrast and brings more mood in an elegant way.

I´m wearing: sweater by Zara / pants by Massimo Dutti / pumps by Maje / necklaces by Na-Kd / sunnies by Michael Kors

Who of you already owns white pants and how often do you wear them in winter?



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