Fashion Must-Haves: Camel coat

The fashion world isn´t very constant and only a few things can be seen as semi-permanent. But a classic camel coat definitely belongs to such pieces. What makes it so unique and why should you choose this color? Here are a few major pros and course some outfit ideas you will fall in love with. 


The question of why it should be beige color is easy to answer. This beautiful, warm color suits pretty much everyone, whether you´re blonde or brunette, fair or tanned. In addition, beige always looks very elegant and is always on-trend, because it belongs to the so-called neutrals. That means you will always enjoy wearing it.

Which coat is an evergreen one?

If you want to make a long-term purchase, a classic, straight-cut coat (a kind of morning gown coat) with a belt is the best one to choose. You can always wear a coat like this, and it hardly changes over time. To make the coat look more modern, however, you should grab the one which is one or two sizes larger than your actual size. This will give the coat a casual touch without losing its elegance. In addition, it is more comfortable and you can even wear a cozy oversize sweater with it.


The camel coat is a fantastic option for both everyday and evening outfits because it compliments every style in a perfect way. In today’s post, there are several variations and options of how to style this type of coat. Regardless of whether you opt for the sporty, elegant, or casual look. It will always look great.


So you can style your coat in beige with the followings:


#1 – Casual & Cool


#2 – elegance which suits every situation


#3 – 50 Shades of beige

Extra tip: to make the outfit look more layered, you shouldn’t put on the coat, simply throw it on your shoulders. This trick turns a very good outfit into a really great one.

Extra tip 2: sturdy boots and leather pieces work extremely stylish together with the camel coat and give them more character.

Extra tip 3: The coat should be unbuttoned open if possible. This way you can show the outfit underneath much better and round it up with trendy crossbody bags.




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