Fashion piece of the month: earrings by La.

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Some of you may probably know what a huge jewelry fan I am. With the right jewelry, you can “upgrade” every basic outfit and create a real eye-catcher. That is why I love finding and having creative, unusual, and sometimes even crazy-looking jewelry pieces. On my last trip to Bangkok, I fell in love with a great creation by the brand LA which became my favorite fashion piece of the month.

Jewelry haul from Bangkok

I try to find some unique jewelry pieces, especially earrings, on every trip. Every time I try to find to something special which I could combine with my outfits and have something to remember at the same time. While wearing such pieces, I get back to the most beautiful time in other countries. In my last trip, I got to know the new brand from Thailand, LA, which blew my mind.


Native brands help to create a unique outfit

Let´s be honest, pieces by Zara, H&M, and others can be found almost everywhere. That is why I don´t even go to these stores while being in other countries. I try to find native brands which represent the mood and the culture of the country. Mostly, such brands have great quality as well. When I saw the pieces by LA in Bangkok, I knew that I found something very special and unique. All pieces by this brand are created with the hand-made glass pearls which are filled with water. This makes them so extraordinary. Additionally, when the sun shines through the pearls, water reflects it with many tiny colorful light-spots. I´ve never seen anything like this in Europe and I had to buy such earrings.“earrings_by_La_fashion_dbkstylez“


Though these earrings look rather classic, they can easily be worn and styled with almost every possible style direction, it doesn’t matter, whether it would be a cocktail dress or a rock´n´roll outfit. The grey and the white glass pearls are so neutral, that the earrings would match every color. They can also be worn in two different ways. So, the white glass pearl can be worn alone or both together. For me, it was a great purchase which will definitely do up many styles of mine. I am so happy to have such unique pieces in my jewelry collection.



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How do you like my newest purchase? How important are accessories for you?

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