Favorite beauty products of the year – part I

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The year 2016 is almost over. That is why I decided to make a post about my favorite beauty products of the year and share them with you. I have been using these products for a while. Many of them have been repurchased by me several times as they are amazing. I also added three fragrances to the list as I am a huge perfume lover. To be honest, I love perfumes even more than I love make-up. That is why the decision about which one should be put on my list was a hard one. Nonetheless, I decided for three fragrances which can be found in almost every department store in order to give you a chance to find and try them. In case you are interested in more luxurious and private fragrance collections, I have a review of the scent “Beige” by Chanel here, “Cuir Amethyste “ by Armani Privé here and “Petit Fracas” by Robert Piguet here. As this post turned out to be quite long, I decided to split it into two parts. In the first part I´m going to show you the first seven beauty products I loved this year.


Eye cream „Nirvanesque“ by Nuxe

I cannot even count how many eye creams I have already tried. Every time I hoped to find a skin care product, which could give me appropriate hydration, would have a light texture and penetrate quickly. Additionally, it would be nice to find a product which could also prevent my skin from the first fine lines. Many eye creams I tried had been nice products, but still, I wasn´t fully satisfied. One day, as I wanted to purchase one of my favorite dry body oils by Nuxe, I noticed the eye cream Nirvanesque. I knew nothing of this product but as it had 95% natural ingredients and was supposed to protect the eye area against the first aging I wanted to try it. Since then I have been using this cream regularly (mostly in the evening) and love the way how it works. Of course, my fine lines didn´t disappear completely, as this cream is not a magic wand. But still, my eye area became much firmer. My skin is nicely hydrated and this cream is so light that I can do my eye make-up after a minute or two after having applied it underneath my eyes. The only one thing that one needs getting used to, is a pharmacy scent of the product, which is quite okay for me.


Sheet face masks

I love sheet face masks and cannot imagine not having und using them. The advantages of this product are obvious: such masks don´t need much space, they are easy and comfortable to use, even while traveling, they hydrate and nourish the skin like normal face masks. Mostly, I use the Korean and Japanese sheet masks such as masks by Tony Molly, Missha and Japan Gals. Sometimes, when I´ve run out of my Asian masks, I like using the new sheet masks by Garnier. They are quite inexpensive and hydrate well. I am so glad that such skin care products are very popular nowadays and it´s so easy to find them at almost every drugstore.


Liquid camouflage by Catrice

This concealer is my personal must-have for all the cases when I need to look as good and flawless as possible, e.g. for photo shootings, videos etc. I´m sure that many of you know the traditional camouflage by Catrice in a tiny jar. This product is even better than its predecessor because of its liquid form and lighter shades. This product can erase almost every imperfection from your face within seconds without creasing or touch-ups. I love using this product under my eye area as I know that I will look perfect for the whole day. Additionally, this concealer is quite inexpensive, which makes it invincible.



Mary-Lou Manizer by TheBalm

This highlighter is one of my favorite highlighters ever. Its beautiful champagne shade looks gorgeous on every skin, both fair and darker skin tones. The product is highly pigmented, which allows you to create a nice glow-effect with just one stroke. I made a full review of this highlighter, in case you want to see it, you can find it here. For me, this highlighter is the must-have for every girl.


“They´re real” primer by Benefit

This product is quite controversial for me as I fell in love with this product first I bought it but then, I couldn´t use it and even regretted buying it. One month later I decided to give it another chance and since then I love it again. As you can see, it was a long on-off relationship between the two of us. Nonetheless, this primer is a great product which nourishes lashes and gives them a nice brown color (most lash primers are white which means you have to apply your normal mascara, otherwise it would look weird). I really like how this product works on my lashes. You just need to keep in mind one thing, the texture of the primer is quite liquid, which could mean that you will have to apply two or three layers of the primer on your lashes. Using it together with your favorite mascara will make your lashes much longer and nicer. Additionally, every mascara goes off much quicker while cleansing your make-up. The primer is quite expensive but I love how my lashes look with it. That is why I will continue using it further on.


Twin-ball revitalising facial massager by The Body Shop

I have been using this massage roller by The Body Shop for about two months almost every evening with a couple drops of a face oil. Two cooling metal balls stimulate the blood circulation and help the skin to regenerate faster during the night. Every following skin care product penetrates much quicker and has more effect on the skin. Las but not least, this massager helps face muscles to relax which is so nice after a busy and stressful day. My skin definitely feels firmer and smoother since I have been massaging it with this gadget.


Liquid long-lasting lipstick by Lime Crime

The long-lasting lipstick by Lime Crime in the shade “cashmere” is one of my favorites lipsticks ever. Every time I wear it on my lips, I have been asked about this product. This shade is also called “a little bit dead” because of its trendy nude with a touch of purple-grey in it. Every make-up looks much more interesting and different with this shade. You can find me wearing it in my posts here and here. Unfortunately, Lime Crime isn´t easy to find in Germany. One can purchase its products at the official website or find some of them at Amazon. But be careful while purchasing the products by Lime Crime at Amazon as there are many fakes in there. If you are in the trend of crazy and unbelievable make-up shades, you have to visit Lime Crime website. Not for nothing it´s called: “Lime Crime – make-up for unicorns”.



You might have noticed that I listed just two skin care products in this post. The case is that all the face creams I tried, hadn´t wowed me. Of course, there were many good products but I hadn´t been fully satisfied with them. The only day face cream I would definitely repurchase for spring and summer time is the “vitamin C” by The Body Shop. The review of this product you can find here.


See you in the second part of the post about my favorite beauty products of the years 2016.


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