Favorite beauty products of the year – part II

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Hi, my lovelies!

Here comes the second part of the post about my favorite beauty products of 2016. In case you missed the first part, you can find it here. In this part I want to share with you the last six beauty products which blew my mind last year.


Precisely Brow pencil by Benefit

Although I have many eyebrow products, I love this pencil the most. This eyebrow pencil matches the color of my brows perfectly and is hard enough to draw natural-looking hair. I also had this product in my beauty products of the month, in case you want to see it, you can find it here. It´s probably the easiest and quickest way to make your brows perfect and let them look naturally.


Bon Bon by Viktor & Rolf

This fragrance is one of my favorite ever. It´s so sweet and girly. Such notes as mandarin, crystallized sugar, peach and caramel create an unforgettable composition and improve your mood within seconds. This fragrance is the perfect fragrance for young women who like the sweetness of sugar and berries in an extraordinary creation.


„The Nudes“ by Maybelline

As a blogger, I possess way too many beauty products inclusive eyeshadows. Though, I really like having and trying numerous lipsticks, I prefer an intensive eye make-up ven more. This is one of the points why I have many different eyeshadow palettes, both expensive and budget ones. I picked the eyeshadow palette “the nudes” by Maybelline because I used it a lot last year and took it with me on almost every travel. It´s obviously not the best eyeshadow palette in the world, but it´s definitely a good inexpensive product with a smooth texture, nice pigmentation and beautiful shades. There are both neutrals and dark shades which will give you an opportunity to do a daily as well as an intensive evening make-up.




Un Jardin sur le toit by Hermès

The fragrance by a luxury house of Hermès is a perfect creation for spring and summer as it´s a light, sparkling, fresh and special one. Not for nothing the name of the perfume means “a garden on the roof”. Even on a hot day this fragrance will give you a freshness and won´t irritate you. The notes of pear, apple, magnolia, and wild herbs create a beautiful composition which reminds of a green and fresh meadow. I wore it almost the entire summer and I cannot wait till I can wear it next spring again.


Dahlia Divin by Givenchy

The third and the last fragrance in this post is the most classical one, this is Dahlia Divin by Givenchy. This fragrance is very warm, calm, and bloomy. Its top note is mirabelle which gives the perfume sweetness and tenderness, while the heart notes such as jasmine and white flowers, make it more elegant and classical. The basic notes are sandal wood and vetiver which put some extra character and uniqueness to it. If you like classical fragrances, this one will become one of your favorites. It would suit a feminine and elegant woman.


Make-up brushes by Real Techniques

Probably every one knows that the quality of make-up mostly depends on the quality of make-up brushes. As for me, I want to have brushes which feel right in my hand, have soft and qualitative bristles, are easy to cleanse and don´t cost a fortune. All these things I became using the brushes by Real Techniques. I have many of them and have been using them for more than a year. One can say that these brushes aren´t that cheap. To that I have to say that I already used many “cheaper” labels which had been horrible. So, I think one should find a qualitative label and purchase make-up brushes which will do their job well and it for a long period of time. My latest purchase was the set-of-three by Real Techniques which had become my favorite. There are three different brushes which are really comfortable to work with. The first one is a multitask brush which is perfect for contouring, applying bronzer or powder because of its angled shape. The second one is a smaller brush and it has a perfect size for applying a highlighter, contour powder or even a blush. The third one is the smallest one and it is a blending brush. It´s so soft and nice for blending the eyeshadows in the crease of the eyes. If you still didn´t try the make-up brushes by RT, I highly recommend you to do it. Here in Germany one can finally find them at DM drugstores.


There were my favorite beauty products of 2016.


I am going to look for new nice beauty products in 2017. I am so excited about the new trends in both skin care and make-up field.


What beauty products did you love in 2016? What could you recommend?


Best regards,


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    • Daria
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