Floral dresses as a part of the winter wardrobe

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What shall one do when winter holidays are over and the only thing one is waiting for is the spring? In that case, one can soften up the waiting with new cute dresses. Recently, I found a super cute dress with a floral print and though it´s quite cold outside, I know some tricks about how to integrate it in my winter outfits. Let´s see why floral dresses are suitable for every time of the year and how to make them work for winter.


 Summer dresses will bring color and freshness to your winter looks

When it´s cold outside, the first thing to keep in mind is that your outfit should be warm enough. That´s why the technique of layering will be your best friend. Summer dresses are perfect to pair them with cozy cardigans which give the whole look a more feminine touch and make it much warmer. As for floral printed dresses, both structure and color should match and suit them. The easiest way is choosing a neutral color like beige or dusty rose and stick to coarsely meshed ones. I like pairing my today´s dress by Na-Kd with a dusty rose cardigan. Then, you need a very warm coat to make a final layer of your floral print inspired winter outfit. Oversized coats, cocoon coats or just straight cut coats suit floral prints just perfectly. I personally wouldn´t recommend choosing a coat with any active print because you risk overloading your outfit or even worse, make it a print mess. Here again, stick to neutral colors which work as a compliment for your dress and not as a completely separate main element of your outfit. I chose an oversized coat in a bathleisure look.

I´m wearing: dress by Na-Kd / coat by Na-Kd / overknees  by Buffalo / necklace by Thomas Sabo


It´s all about the right shoes

Shoes are a great part of the whole outfit. Still, in winter they are even more important and should not only be pretty but also warm. I prefer wearing ankle-boots and overknees with both mini and midi dresses. As an example of how I do it, you can take a look at the posts here and here. Overknees are amazing for cold weather because you can put on warm thermal tights underneath and even add warm socks if you need to. All these details are invisible under long boots and still, make you feel much more comfortable and keep you warm.


Of course, speaking of such winter outfits I mean relative mild European winters and not some severe freezy weather somewhere in Alaska. As you can see, layering suits perfectly for every situation and during every time of the year. This is how you can wear your favorite pieces now without waiting for the spring to come.



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