Floral prints for winter: an easy outfit idea

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Hi, beauties! Though I wear monochromatic pieces more frequently, I still love and have quite a few printed and sophisticated ones. My wardrobe has a lot to offer, e.g. plain in every possible variation, leo-pieces, and floral prints. Speaking of the florals, I love how easily they transform every look into a romantic and girly one. Interestingly, I caught myself wearing floral prints more in late fall and winter. Well, maybe it´s my way to struggle against gray, cold, and uncomfy weather. For today´s outfit, I took three absolutely different pieces and put them into an outfit with a nice boho vibe. Obviously, boho-inspired looks are possible even if it´s quite cold outside.

A floral dress, cowboy boots and a teddy bear coat – a wild mixing and matching

Does it all match together? My answer would be a solid yes. Though those pieces belong to completely different styles, they can still play along pretty well. I basically saw myself wearing this midi-length dress with these suede cowboy-boots. To me, the combination looks really boho-like. To accentuate the casual side of the outfit, I added a fluffy oversized teddy bear coat. Again, we have not only different colors and prints, but we also have three different fabrics which always look exciting.

Originally, I wanted to remain on the boho streak and wear some light beach-waves on my hair. But we all have our bad-hair day sometimes and on the day, we had a shoot for this outfit, I had mine.  That´s why I needed a fast way to solve it. My life-savor is an easy bun, which always looks nice despite how badly the hair actually looks. The bun did change the whole appearance of the outfit, but I still think that it looks pretty nice. What do you think? By the way, what is your fast way to solve a bad-hair day problem?

I´m wearing: coat by Na-Kd / dress by Zara /  cowboy-boots by Zara /



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