Girls have power: we can achieve everything if we want it!

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Today is a very important day for every woman and a little girl in the world. Though according to one of the versions this day was initiated by the Germans Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxembourg who has been politically active and fought for women’s rights, this day was unknown by many Germanys until recently. In my home country Russia, on the contrary, this day has been celebrated every year and it´s even one of the official fests in the country with a day-off for everybody. Women are celebrated on this day and presented with flowers and chocolates. Still, it´s great that this day is slowly getting more popular all around the world because it´s our day, the day of our beauty and uniqueness.

The fight for equal rights has just begun

This is unbelievable how much women achieved through such a short period of time. Everything we take for granted nowadays was unthinkable when our grandmothers were young. We are free to decide what we want and what we don´t. At least, women in the European countries have these rights. Nonetheless, we still have a long way to go even here in Germany where everything is not that flowery as it should be. Even now women in Germany earn less money for the same job and when we consider that there are numerous women who are single moms who raise their kids alone, it´s just not fair. Such things must be changed and there must be equal pay for the same job, it doesn’t matter, whether it´s a man or a woman.

While fighting for equal rights don´t forget that you´re still a woman

Women must prove their strength to the world over and over again. There are still so many stereotypes that women cannot do or simply are not good at something. We all show to the world that it´s not true every day. Unfortunately, while trying to prove many women often forget that they remain women and tend to act like men. I personally think that it´s the wrong way. We are women and we should be proud of it. This pseudo emancipation which is quite popular today tells us that we should put on the pants, act like men, speak like men and exclude all the femininity. To me, it´s totally wrong because I´m sure that femininity is our true power. When and why did such things like wearing dresses or makeup get to the sign of weakness? I just can´t stand all those statements of such pseudo emancipated women claiming we do it for men. No, I personally do it for myself because I love seeing myself pretty, feminine, and strong despite all prejudices.

We can do anything if we want it

Even if there are many changes needed, we still achieved so much, and we live in a great time when women are free to decide how to live their life. Today, women are not only mothers and housewives. We all have dreams and we should pursue them. I think we all should never stop dreaming of something big, even if people from the outside tr to make us believe it. All our limits are in our heads and in our thoughts. Let´s change the way we think and see our life and become successful in everything to do. We can do anything and be good at it because we are the fair sex with a lot of self-esteem and power, and we can reach for the stars.

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Rock´n´Roll spirit can also be a streetstyle spirit

I just love adding some rock´n´roll touch to my outfits. Today, I decided for a quite colorful look with glam-rock vibes. If I could have turned time back, I would have worn this outfit to the premiere of the Bohemian Rhapsody for sure. Though black leather pants are one of the most classical pieces in the wardrobe of any RocknRolla, they look so different together with the zebra-printed pumps. The Led Zeppelin t-shirt is another rock´n´roll essential which turns to a great color shift in the outfit and makes my orange trench coat a part of it. All-in-one, this combination looks super stylish, daring, is perfect for the spring.

I´m wearing: trench coat by H&M / t-shirt by Bershka / pants by Crazy Lover / pumps by Na-Kd / bag by Valentino / sunnies by Miu Miu


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  1. 10. March 2019 / 19:01

    YESSS! I love the vibes from this post. It is important that we keep fighting for equal rights. Women work so hard and deserve so much.

    Nancy ♥

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