Glipmses of my life – some events of last week

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Though I never had a category „weekender“ on my blog and never wrote about all the events I visited the week before, my last week was so rich in action that I decided to make an exception. I am a kind of person who always needs action. Things like “lazy Sundays” are not for me because I just don´t know what to do and where to put all the energy I have. That is why I´m happy to see my scheduler full of meetings, events, and other things. Last week, I had three main events which made my week.

DoDo summer party in Düsseldorf

Who can say “no” to a party? I can´t, obviously. The DoDo party was supposed to be a mix of a summer party with a presentation of the summer collection of the Italian jewelry brand. I chose a nice summer dress for this event but it was so rainy and cold that day that I needed another outfit. I decided for pastel rosé summer coat by Zara which looked very stylish and kept me warm. The location was very nice. It looked like an old church inside. Maybe it had been one in the past. I was impressed about how cool colorful lightnings could look on simple white walls. There also were chandeliers put in the cage hanging from the ceiling, which is absolutely my taste. I went there with my friend Yulia who is one of the most spontaneous people I know. She is always ready for fun. The night was great and full of nice music, long drinks, and finger food. Every guest got beautiful silver bracelet from DoDo. I absolutely loved the party and the summer collection by the brand!



Finally, new hair

My last hair dressing appointment was in April and it killed my hair. Though my long hair wasn´t the most important thing for me, I didn´t want to have it shorter. The hair dresser who colored my hair made several mistakes which dried out my hair ends completely. I have been wearing the balayage for a year and like how a darker color turns into a lighter one. I also don´t need to have my hair roots bleached every 5 weeks and the hair quality gets much better as it doesn’t suffer from chemical bleaching too often. Instead of the balayage I got color spots on my hair, yellowish roots, and dead hair ends. Directly after my hair dressing appointment I could feel how rough and lifeless my hair had become. I was very unhappy all the time till I found a professional colorist for the techniques ombré – balayage in May. As she does a great job, the only appointment I could get was last week. Well, a huge job had been done and I spent seven long hours there.

My hair became visibly shorter, but still, I´m very happy with the results as it´s smooth and strong again. My personal experience with hair dressers shows one simple thing: if you don´t like the result of the work of your hair dresser, look for another one. Such criteria as friendship with your hair dresser, less expensive price, or something else is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the result which you should like at the end. Believe me, you will pay much more to save your hair or to adjust the results of the mistakes of such a “professional”.



The big summer Rhine fair in Düsseldorf

Everyone who lives in NRW, Germany, knows what the big summer Rhine fair is. The fair begins in the second half of July and continues for two weeks, then moves on to other towns like Herne. Basically, you find the same attractions every year. Still, everyone loves it and visits the Rhine fair at least one time. I´m not an exception. As I´m a scaredy-cat, I prefer looking from bellow at all the attractions. Something like a free-fall tower is not for me. Still, I love water slides and from time to time I buy some scratch cards, though I know that I´m being fooled with it. The fair is fun, but the true reason why I visit it every year is a tent where I can buy the best wild salmon cooked on open fire. It´s so delicious that I´m ready to go there over and over again. Last but not least, as my self-test showed, it isn´t a good idea to visit such festivities on a Saturday night wearing white sneakers.



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What did you do last week? Is there something interesting to come this week?

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  1. 19. July 2017 / 6:21

    I totally understand what you mean about not compromising on your hairdresser. Our hair is one of the first things that people notice about us, it’s an important symbol of our personality and style! I just missed my town’s big fair, so sad. My fair has some great funnel cake!

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