Gold Elements Nail Kit – a stimulating beauty treatment – review

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Gold Elements

Recently I got a nail care kit by Gold Elements as a gift. The kit included: a hand and nail cream, a cuticle oil, a nail file and a buffing block. To be honest I wouldn’t purchase it on my own as the price of the kit is 75 EUR, which is extremely high for a nail care.

Gold Elements3

Gold Elements4

In order to get the right picture of this kit I used all four articles as it had been given in the “how to use” instruction. First I formed my nails with the nail file, then buffed them accordingly. After doing that I applied the cuticle oil and massaged it in. The last step was the hand and nail cream.

Well, the nail file is very good and gives nails a nice form within minutes. The buffing block does its job pretty good as well. But I have many nail files from drugstore that are just as good as this one is. Of course you should see these two articles as a nice bonus for the cream and the cuticle oil. As for the cuticle oil, it’s very nice. It moisturizes and nourishes the cuticles and absorbs very fast. By the way, its pencil form lets it possible to wear it in the purse. There is no way it could leak in there.

The hand cream is really something extraordinary. I could even say, this cream is the best hand cream I´ve ever used in my life. It absorbs very quickly, moisturizes and leaves hands silky soft to the touch.

Gold Elements2


The whole kit is very nice. Every product in the box does a good job. I could only recommend the hand cream and the cuticle oil from the kit. They are really worth the splurge. But I don’t think I would buy this kit once again. Why? It´s just too much money. Though I would be very happy to get it as a gift once again.

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