“Gold racoony” eye patches by “secret key” – review

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Currently I am all about sufficient eye care. The reason why I´m trying to care my eye area even more than my face is because the eye area is much thinner and much more sensitive than the rest skin on the face. This is the reason why the first fine lines and wrinkles appear around the eye area  At the age of 20 it´s enough to use a light hydrating eye cream. But after 25 one should add additional steps to the eye care. Except my traditional hydrating eye care I use eye masks (both from drugstore and self-made ones), serums and eye patches. But there is a problem with good patches which are not overwhelming overpriced. Everything I have already tried from drugstore doesn’t work. I also do not want to spend 70 EUR for high-end patches. May be when I am 50 I will try them, but not earlier. Trying to solve my problem I found a Korean label “Secret Key”. It turned out to be a relative well-known label on the European market. One of the most popular products by the label is “gold racoony” patches, which I had to try. I ordered them by Amazon for ca. 17 EUR, which is really inexpensive.

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This product comes from abroad so I had to wait two or three weeks. There are 60 patches plus 30 spot-patches in the package. There is also a liquid in the jar, which is supposed to hydrate and nourish the eye area. It smells extremely good. The patches are semi-transparent with gold particles and they look really nice. On this moment I have to warn you that this is not a product, which you can take anywhere. The liquid can leak from the closed jar very easily and you won´t even notice it.

The “gold racoony” patches are very easy to apply, actually, like every other patches. They should be put on under eye area for ca. 20 minutes. After this time your under eye area will get the needed hydration and will look fresh. As for me, I use them two or three times a week overnight. I apply them just before going to bed and sleep with them untill next morning. Using the patches this way, my under eye area gets all the good stuff which is in the patches and looks really healthy and glowy.

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I have to admit that I was quite sceptic as I just ordered the “gold racoony” patches by Secret Key. But now I love them so much and cannot live without them. The only thing I do not really understand is the spot-patches. What are they good for?

These patches are really good and inexpensive. Even if I had a bad or a short night I know that I would look good next morning. I already ordered the second jar of this amazing product.

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