Good-bye, the year of 2018! Make some room for a splendid 2019.


For sure, almost everyone would say that the year passed by way too fast. But it´s true, it was so fast that I could barely notice it. I could summon up the bad and the good sides of 2018, but I won´t. I prefer looking straight forward and concentrate on what the future has in stock for me. Still, there are numerous things I had in 2018 which I will remember with a happy smile on my face. This last blog post of the year is all about the things that motivated me most and to make it different, I decided to not add a sparkling outfit suitable for the New Year´s celebration but sharing a cozy and warm one.


 Trips and travels

One of my goals for 2018 was traveling more often which I successfully did, at least in the first health of the year. I´ve been to South Korea, Monaco, Switzerland, South France, Mallorca, Amsterdam, Brussels, three times Russia, and numerous cities here in Germany. Every trip was special to me and inspired me the way only wanderlust can inspire somebody. I hope that 2019 won´t be different in this way and I will get a chance to see more beautiful places on our great planet and share them all with you guys.


Music was always very special to me. It´s one of the biggest inspiration in my life. I cannot live without it and listen to it every day. As I prefer spending my money on experiences and great memories instead of material things, I´d rather spend it on concerts instead of buying a hundredth fashion piece (well, I know, it doesn´t sound like something coming from a blogger, right?). The truth is that concerts make me feel so much positive energy that I feel inspired for months afterward. This year I went into three concerts and each of them was spectacular. All that energy I tanked there gave such a huge creativity push that I wrote numerous posts per day. Another great thing is that I didn´t even have any noticeable writing block this year and it’s huge for somebody who is supposed to write almost every single day. My hundred thanks are going to Stone Sour, Limp Bizkit, and Hatebreed! In fact, it doesn’t even matter, whether you like music or not. Feel inspired by visiting the things you personally like and don´t hesitate to spend some money on them. You´ll see that it´s so worth it!


I remember me saying that I would refresh my French skills in 2018. Well, I won´t lie and tell you that it happened. I didn´t improve anything because I simply don´t like this language and don´t enjoy it. In order to succeed in anything, you should love what you do. That´s why learning French always was such a fight for me. Still, this year I started to learn Spanish again. This language is much better for me personally I like the process of learning it. I´ve been also quite busy with my English skills which I hope to bring to a much higher level in 2019 too.


My blog means the world to me and this year isn´t an exception. I would even say that I invested visibly more time and strength into my blog. I work hard to make it continually better for you guys. I also put more attention on my Instagram account (see my latest post about it here). All the changes and enhancements I make are seen by my readers and followers and I appreciate your positive comments about them so much. That´s why I wanna thank you all for reading, liking, and commenting on my content! This year I also had more of interesting collabs with new brands which were such an honor for me. All this motivated me so much and I have so many new ideas both for my blog and Instagram account to share with you next year.

I´m wearing: coat by Na-Kd / sweater by H&M / jeans by Envii / sneakers by EGO / cap by H&M / bag by Gucci /  

Getting new knowledge

This year, I completed numerous online seminars, both for better blogging and getting better in my hobbies. The most complicated thing I did was a translation course of the legal documents from English into Russian. Fortunately, I passed the final exam but it wasn´t easy at all. Learning new things and getting better belong to getting successful and turning your dreams into reality. I try my best to live that way and be a better version of my self every day. Such things change you and make you look at the world and yourself with different eyes.

A teddy bear mood

As for fashion trends, I learned to love the sport chic. Some years ago, I wouldn´t even think it could be possible. Faux fur and teddy bear jackets turned into my favorite trends of the whole season. My today´s coat is the best example of it. This oversized piece is made for cold days and looks extremely cute. I´m in love with my newest teddy bear! What about you? What fashion trend was your favorite one in 2018?

Happy new year!


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