Gourmand Coquin by Guerlain – review

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Guerlain Gourment 1

I would like to continue my reviews about the most exclusive fragrances with an unusual creation by #Guerlain. Gourmand Coquin is one of my favorite perfumes ever. I love it so much that I feel uncomfortable every time when the bottle is going to its end. Fortunately, it happens rather seldom as the bottle contains 75 ml. This fragrance can be bought in the most exclusive stores and in Guerlain stores all around the world. The whole list of such perfumeries can be found on the Guerlain official website.

Gourmant Coquan is my personal holy grail. It will be a must-have for every girl who loves chocolate. Don´t get me wrong as this fragrance is not so simple but it has that sweet and tasty chocolate note in it. The unforgettable scent of Gourmand Coquin has such notes as black pepper, rose and black tea. The note of rom completes the fragrance by giving it depth.

The design of the bottle is simple and elegant. You wouldn´t even find the name of the perfume on it.

The fragrance became very special for me and I don´t want to miss it anymore. If you love sweetish but delicate fragrances, this one will be one of your favorites.

Guerlain Gourment 2


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