Guerlain Meteorites perles light-diffusing perfecting primer


Today I wanna review a product “Meteorites Light-diffusing perfecting primer” by Guerlain. Guerlain is for sure one of the most famous luxury brands which can be found in the best perfumery stores all around the world. Guerlan has two different primers for the skin perfection. The first one is “L´Or” contains gold particles and gives skin a golden shimmer. This primer looks very nice but it´s definitely nothing for me as I have freckles and don´t want to make them even brighter. That´s why I decided to purchase a “Meteorites” version with rose particles. The glass bottle contains beautiful rose shimmer pearls which give a light and healthy glow to the skin.

Guerlain Primer1

A cooling gel is taken as a base for the primer and it really gives the skin a kick of freshness and moisture. The texture of the primer is very dewy, so you can barely feel it on your skin. This primer lets you wear your make-up the whole day long without any touch-up.

Guerlain Primer2


This primer is something extraordinary. It looks amazing (well, many luxury products look nice but some of them are nothing special). But this product can do much more than look great. It is dewy and light. It also gives your skin such a nice feeling of coolness and radiant complexion. The bottle can be used for a very very long time as just one pump is enough to apply on the whole face. The only disadvantage of the product is its price, 62 EUR. In that case everyone should ask himself, whether it is ok for a primer.

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