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The whole last week I felt quite miserable. I couldn´t do anything because of my toothache. When you have much time lying in bed, you start to reflect certain things. I speak about different aspects of happiness pretty often on my blog. Maybe it’s because of my personal issues to feel happy and the pursuit of happiness. Sometimes I even struggle to live in harmony with myself. Having experienced sharp pain for days made me think that sometimes we understand how happy we actually are only after losing something or someone or having some painful experience.       

Happiness often consists of the things we already have

Of course, we all have numerous wishes of a different kind. Some of us want to succeed in their career, others want to possess some luxury goods and so on. It´s not even possible to count all the things which could make people feel happy. Still, there is one thing we often don´t pay our attention to. All these items, a job, and other things don´t necessarily make us feel happier. Especially, when you feel that having them is the only way to be happy in this life. Very often we don´t see that we have plenty of things that make us happy. We just need to learn how to see them. Everyone of us would count hundreds of reasons what makes their life heavier, but do we really need to concentrate on them? I would say, yes and no. I think that having wishes (it doesn’t matter, whether they are material or not) is the strongest way to motivate oneself. Motivation makes you work hard to achieve your goals even if it´s something unnecessary like a brand belt. Any kind of motivation is a fuel for success. Still, such wishes may also be dangerous if you feel like not having them makes your life a miserable and unhappy place. For example, if I had a Lamborghini, it would be nice (maybe having this car is my greatest dream). If I want this car badly, I work hard and look for opportunities to earn money to purchase it which is a great motivation. But having the car is not the core of my happiness in life. All I want to say is that if you don´t feel happy and comfortable in your life in general, no luxury goods or a super job would change it because it´s in your head.

Lying in bed and crying for pain made me realize that everyone who is healthy is a truly happy person without even realizing it. Many of us, especially those who don´t have any health issues often take it for granted although such things may change quickly. That´s why we all should be very thankful every day for feeling healthy and not having any pain or condition. Unfortunately, I had to learn it myself because of the root infection of my tooth. The toothache was so strong that even painkillers helped me just a bit. I cried because I couldn’t handle it. All I wanted was to make it stop. At that moment I realized how happy I actually am to be healthy and how horrible it must be for all people out there who suffer this hell chronically. I know how easy one can forget such things when the pain has gone. But I try to keep it in my head that I practically have everything to be happy. We don´t need to lose the things or people who make us happy to understand that happiness was there. Remember all the good things you have in your life and don´t let something unnecessary become the illusion of your happiness. These things are a nice addition to our life but not the core of something you feel inside.

When you don´t get enough of dresses

We´re done with philosophy caused by the hell of a pain for today. This post should end on a positive note, right?! Do you remember me promising to wear dresses more often this fall? I always keep my promises. This time I decided for another dress in a midi-length with a similar cut to my leo printed one (can be found here). To make the dress look trendier and be suitable for fall, I added a black blazer. I accentuated my waist with a cool leather belt with two buckles. I think that this big amount of ruffle on the skirt of the dress is enough, so I chose rather neutral pumps by Jimmy Choo to fulfill the look. By the way, I recommend you to select a blazer without buttons, in case you want to wear it with a belt. This combination looks much better and trendier.

I´m wearing: dress by Na-Kd / blazer by Zara / sunnies by Michael Kors / pumps by Jimmy Choo / belt by Zara /



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