Hatred and negativity on the web. How can we handle it?!

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Hi my lovelies!


Today I want to share with you some thoughts concerning such a horrible thing as hatred on the web. As a public person, (which you become even if you make your Instagram profile public), you may get a negative comment for your photo or your post. Actually, it´s just a question of time when you get it.  Some negative comments could be good and make you work harder in order to improve the results and become better. But what if it´s just a hater who has only the goal to offend you. How can we deal with hatred, rudeness and bad energy on Instagram, Facebook and co?


Though, I already received some bad comments, still, I´m a lucky person as my followers are mostly nice people who spread good vibes. I would lie if I´d say, these things didn´t offend me deeply. I just could not understand and actually still don´t, why some people who even don´t know me, write such a bad stuff about me. I realized one simple thing that I could draw a conclusion from it for the future. There are some points which help me not to take these people and what they say to heart. I hope they can work out for you as well.


Always keep in mind, even if someone writes something really mean about you, it doesn´t mean that it´s true. The haters on the web are often people who feel secure while sitting at home and knowing that their “victims” don´t know who they are and that´s why they feel free to offend them because of the imaginary anonymity. It doesn’t matter how pretty and stylish you are or how good your photos or posts are. A hater will always find anything to beef about. It´s psychologically understandable that this type of people are often very insecure and unsatisfied in their real life. That is why they try to offend others in order not to feel so small. Please, sympathize such people, even if it´s quite hard sometimes. Just breathe deeply and count to ten. This will help you to relax and take it easy.


Second, remember, there always will be such people on your way. So if you decided to make your Instagram profile or whatever public, be sure to create a kind of protective shield. A healthy portion of indifference will spare you bad emotions and stress. All that matters is how satisfied you are with your work.

Third, do not discuss or try to explain something to these people. It won´t bring you anything as they don´t like you and won´t change their mind. The best thing you can do is not writing back at all as they expect it from you. Do not offend them back, be better and more tactful than they are.



At the end, I want to say some words about my today´s look. As I saw this slim two-piece outfit for the first time at Asos, I fell in love with it. Actually, it was the first time I discovered the brand Lavish Alice. There are so many beautiful pieces by this brand that It had been quite difficult for me not to buy all of them. They all are very feminine and mostly slim-fitted. At the same time, they all have something special in them which makes them look very unusual and interesting. That is why I had to purchase this piece. Nonetheless, I worried about rather deep V-neck on the top. To be honest, I am not a decollate lover and I didn´t want to send this beautiful piece back. So I just turned it reverse side facing and by doing it killed two birds with one stone because I could feel comfortable in the top and wear a trendy knit with a deep back cut.



I´m wearing:

Skirt by Lavish Alice, here

Top by Lavish Alice, similar here

Pumps by 5th Avenue, similar here

Statement necklace by Swarovski, here






How did you find my outfit? What do you think about hatred on the web? Can you handle it? I´m excited to read your opinions in the comment section. I wish you all the love and positive energy!


Best regards,

Daria[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=”author”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=”lavishalice”][/vc_column][/vc_row]


  1. 19. December 2016 / 11:13

    I love reading your thoughts as they echo mine as well. But first, let me say that you look stunning in this dress worn backwards, even! How creative! Haters on the internet and real life are bound to come in contact with each other, so let them battle it out on the internet. We can choose to take critical feedback to improve however but when the hate is just relentless and unreasonable, better just focus on what exactly we are trying to do with ourselves. Take the focus back so we can proceed to better ourselves, that’s how I see it 😀 Happy holidays, Daria!

    Shanaz | Reverie Sanctuary

    • Daria
      19. December 2016 / 19:28

      Thank you so much!!!! I just think it´s quite important to know that such thing as hatred on the web could become a problem for everyone of us and we should learn how to behave in such situation. Thank you once again for supporting me! Have nice holidays as well, dear Shanaz!!!!!

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