healthy breakfast smoothie

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Generally I try to eat ealthy. Of course I also eat some stuff that is not that good from time to time. But I try not to do it too often. For the breakfast it´s very important to give  the body all the vitamins and energy it needs for the whole day. All working girls know how difficult it can be to get something tasty and healthy and get it very fast before leaving home for the work. My solution is SMOOTHIE. One can do it in no time and there is a great choice of different tastes.

This is one of my favorits:

We take strawberries, soya milk (or just normal cow milk)  and two table spoons of protein powder. We put all the ingridients into the smoothie maker (or a mixer) and mix it for a little bit. Our breakfast is ready. Sometimes I replace stawberries with bananas. It tastes also very good. In order to enrich the smoothie with fibers I add two table spoons of oats.

Why should we take protein?

That is very simple. Even if you don’t do sports kind of every day your body needs energy (the most important in th emoning) in order to feel good and fit. The secret of this energy is protein. And last but not least, you will feel full till the noon (I tested iton myself).

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